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Is there something wrong with Kian? #Hwasa #MAMAMOO #NaRae #Hyejin #IliveAlone #Kian84 HwasaGian84

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#MAMAMOO #HwasaGian84 #Hwasamaria #Kian84 #OneSummerNight HwasaGian84 #NaRae #Hyejin #IliveAlone #[화사]’마리아(Maria)’PerformanceVideo #[화사]’마리아(Maria)’MVMakingFilm #[TEASER]화사(HwaSa)-마리아 (Maria)(morte ver.) #[화사]1stMiniAlbum[María]Intro:Nobodyelse #박나래 #한혜진 #화사 #조지나 #사만다 #마리아 #나혼자산다 #여은파 #여자들의은밀한파티


Moodz Cho says:

I only watch i live alone bcoz of kian84

Analie Abello says:

Hahhaa i didnt know her to be honest but still click the video 😅

Glenda dale Jones says:

Haaaa. Congratulations on 2k sir 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Mustaqeemah Oni says:

Y did he use her name ? The webtoon is not a problem but the using of the name is bad especially when he knows people that bear that name . How unsmart of him.

Lady Murasaki says:

I’m not familiar about this program.

Nishan Lekhi says:

Bro make video about youtuber bokyem

Kiki Rizqiyah says:

I've been watching the show "I Live Alone" since last year, and after Jeon Hyumoo leave cause he broke up with Han Hyejin, the ambience is not as good as before, although I love Narae's joke and her cooking parts. My fav episode was Jeju trip and Narae's summer school, those were the best hahahahha
I think there are some political issues that moves those feminist activities, but i dont really understand what they signed for,,

Glenda dale Jones says:

Nearly at 2k 😍
Much deserved.great channel 🙏🏻

Alejandra Fuquene says:

Great video. I’m a Latino girl and maybe idk if for cultural things but here in American or European countries the genre issues are political issues too, so what feminist are claiming there for us has all the sense. When the pictures of this web made by Kian was shown in Twitter and many Mamamoo fans that are mainly women and of course of the coccidental countries we felt as a women very uncomfortable and it felt so out of place. Like is not just Hwasa, it was Park Narae too 😔 I love I live alone show so I just hope that MBC take the necessary actions for the health of the show, cuz the dynamic how you said is the vital part of it and if members of the cast doesn’t feel good with each other, the best is that the channel checks this kinda of situation 🙌🏽

Claire Fuller says:

Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

Simrah Hagan says:

Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

아마도 생각 says:

I believe they have hidden political issues with that don't try to convince others that these events that he draw in the webtoon don't happen, unfortunately it does and his webtoon he was talking about young people who graduated from unknown schools so it's really hard to find a job. I believe these groups don't want to see the real events spreading around they just want to read romantic fictions 🤣🤣💔

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