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iPhone Fold, iPhone 12, iPhone OS 14, Apple Glasses & More Leaks!

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First Foldable iPhone Leaks, iPhone Flip Concept, iPhone OS Naming Returns (Lots of iOS 14 Leaks), iPhone 12 Might Keep Same Notch, AirPower Mini, Apple Glasses 2023 & More Apple Leaks! iOS 14 Beta 1 drops in 3 days, too excited!

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Jon Prosser (iPhone Fold & More)

Max Weinbach (120Hz Update & Lens Design Change)

Concept Creator (iPhone Fold #2 Model & iMac 2020)

Thumbnail & Box Scene Inspiration (Apple_iDesigner)


k c says:

When is apple gonna stop copying other phone companies? Dont tell me they arent. I've been researching. GET SOME OF YOUR OWN IDEAS!! Apple is like my friends in class copying my work all the time….like STOP. I have both apple and Samsung/android and i always think Samsung/android is way better.

farming boys says:

what’s your problem with that notch

Lil Stewart says:

That supreme shirt 💯

Peter Lyk says:

Wow you hair look exactly like a Lego mini figure

Ayaz Khan says:

Please give me iPhone

Rishabh Gangadeen says:

I really, really hope that Apple doesn't make a foldable IPhone!
I looks really nice and modern, but it wouldn't really be practical.

Sa_hil__jan Haikal says:

Amazing I hope it be right

RaptorMan says:

we love the notch! stop saying we dont. the notch signifies iphone. when im looking at someones screen i automatically know its an iphone.

Christian Ø. Rasmussen says:

I don’t believe in a foldable iPhone

kim dav says:

I see Akira, I like video.

Christian Pippin says:

The iphone 12 will look just like the 11, which looks just like the 10

Michael Bey says:

No home button no buy

Juxtin 7 says:

Apple be making anything and that’s great 😃

Hennyjoe 18 says:

I love you vids

Marga Drum says:


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