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iPadOS & iOS 14 public beta: all the overdue features

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Your iPhone and iPad are getting new software this fall, but the public beta for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are available right now. From a new home screen to widgets to Scribble, Dieter Bohn breaks down the most important and best new features you can expect.

Learn more: https://bit.ly/2Zc1PzG

0:00 Intro
0:18 Should you install?
1:00 Homescreen & widgets on iOS 14
1:39 Apple Pencil on iPadOS 14
2:04 Scribble
3:04 Notes app
4:10 Translate app
5:35 Compact UI
6:19 Sidebar
6:35 Additional features
7:11 Apple Maps
8:21 A thousand other features
8:48 Screen recognition
10:27 Photo captions
10:51 Outro

For all the new homescreen features on iOS 14, check out our video here: https://youtu.be/d6ai8ZGoYjY

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The Verge says:

Are you going to download the public beta?

blueclue57 says:

I still don’t see a public beta release of this. I have been checking multiple times a day.

sabir ayaz says:

No offence but you gotta keep your expectations low with that kinda hand writing. Looked more like a 2 year old's scribble.

BIG boy says:

No beta for me I will wait for Apple and games

Juan Gonzalez says:

Dieter, you might have the worst handwriting I've ever seen. Doctor notes are more legible than yours.

Troy Angrignon says:

I always look forward to your reviews. Great work. Thanks for the humor and the candor.

Zen_ Coco says:

Are inline text replies only for group chats?? I hope they make it for individual conversations aswell please.

ShamimM says:

Love that brass lamp in the background! Would you mind telling me where you got it from please? Thanks

Sergey Vasiliev says:

guys, where can i download this beautiful iphone wallpaper that was shown in the thumbnail.

captainmarvel69 says:

Lol the example for traffic you zoom on Paris πŸ˜‚… how do you know ? I live there and it’s a nightmare

iZombie says:

I made a video about all the new features, …… I’m not showing them to you, cause, β€œI just don’t have time”. Next time, it Would make sense to make the video , …. when you do have the time. Hilarious.

Mr.Playz 691 says:

honestly just quit

Omar Juarez says:

Seriously ? Nothings fits you man. Dieter: Nothing new this year πŸ™ β€”β€”- 2020 Dieter: Oh noooo too many features Apple geez πŸ™

Jylakir says:

And still, I can't change my notification sound in whatsapp to a custom one ….

M2M ... says:

WoW, great update Apple
They basically grabbed an android phone and copied it πŸ˜‚

Matt Park says:

your handwriting is terrible

Abraham Flores says:

Me llama T-Bone, la arana discoteca.

Cobra says:

are games working in the beta?

Chr15Payne says:

iOS turning into Android… Good.

Kevin Spiegelberg says:

Beta is good.

:D says:

The overarching theme: Copy Android

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