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iPadOS 14 is Out! – What's New?

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iPadOS 14 has been released to all supported devices. iPadOS 14 features new widgets, Apple Pencil updates with Scribble and Notes, app design changes, updates to Siri, voice calls, Safari as well as over 200 more changes and features. In this video I go over all the major changes, updates and features of iPadOS 14 including some you might not know. Apple also released watchOS 7, iOS 14, and tvOS 14. macOS Big Sur looks to be releasing in October around when iPhone 12 Pro is releasing. #iPadOS14 #iOS14 #iPadOS14 #iPad #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:05 – Supported devices
00:23 – Size
01:18 – How to leave the iPad OS 14 Beta and get the final version
01:53 – New features
02:03 – Widgets and App Library
03:38 – App changes
04:16 – Music
04:54 – Search
05:48 – Scribble Pencil Update
07:15 – Notes and Apple Pencil
09:31 – Siri
10:22 – Safari
11:40 – Emoji keyboard
12:49 – Conclusion
13:07 -Wallpaper
13:19 – Outro
13:38 – End

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zollotech says:

How are you enjoying iPadOS 14? iPadOS 14 is finally here, but Apple also released iOS 14.2 along with some others a few minutes ago. Thanks for watching!

maurodelgadoo says:

How can you translate on safari . I have the ipadOS 14.0 but it doesn’t appear the translate option on the tool bar.

Pius O'Brien says:

It’s not on my iPad 👁💧👄💧👁

Patrick Callahan says:

I found an issue with my iPad Pro 9.7, a bit of a time lag in Safari when closing tabs. Don’t know if it is the processor (A9X) may be getting too old to keep up? So I am waiting to see if the Arm based MacBook or iPad Air with the A14 might be my next update? It’s tough to know when exactly to update, until it no longer performs well?

Dan Playz Roblox says:

How to get option to keep on Home Screen?

Ryan Rahmawati says:

Can I doing “typing” then change it to “handwriting”? Need it for exam, so tired to write so much paper

Almiita And kidz says:

Find my iPhone is constantly using my location. Don’t remember this going on before. Anyone else?

Zuuhuur Abdi says:

I Just did the update and I really don’t like it at all.
It is pretty useless for me actually, I liked how it first was. I am not happy about it.😑🤨

Fr. Jim Waters, Franciscan Priest, Retired US Army says:

Gotta tell ya, I now only use my IPad Pro… Also for photo and video editing. I retired mostky.. age 70..over the big stuff in life after years at CBS news. Love my I Pad..plus while covering combat I suffered major injuries.. nerve damage in left hand arm.. IPad does it all.Fast.And always with me.

augustya says:

Aaron how do you have that Stack of widgets in one Box at the extreme bottom at 1:00

The Heathered Nest says:

This is the similar to Android

Aishwarya says:

Is it safe?

Wesley NL says:

the update to me is like minor, i mean face it
why do one want to write wit ha pen a adress of like 100 characters long ? isnt that where a keyboard is eayer to use?
and why do ios always gets beter updates, i mean why is apple actualy doing this wrong it is killing its own

for example
its killing off ipad pro, ipad air is now a ipad pro 11" minus 0.1" , also it is or isnt beter? because ipad pro 2020 still contains a12 while air have a14, ok one give up something for that like the camera and a max of 256gb storage, it is just simply wierd and this ipas os update don't make it beter it give users something to play with not actualy usefull for a "PRO" right ? i dont even know what apple devs are thinkin or if they realy are thinking at all,

i would like to see a change in the files app, i mean why can i not go to my photos like on android why do i need a sepparated app to view them
also it would be nice if i make own folders it would atleast be accessable via windows explorer instead having to use itunes, why is only photos accessable and not files that is another anoying thing, and there alot more anoying things like the home bar not able to stay hidden in games or certain apps like safaru, when scrolling a page i have times i scroll up the home bar witch is like 100% anoying and there are websites that have text under that homebar or a button that i cant reach because of that home bar,

why are android devs picking up things way beter than apple do ? while apple gets paid like 50% more than android devs, i myself have a ipad pro 2018 , i cant realy think of continueing to use apple, its a nice device but apple devs are just plain stupid in my eyes, sorry

Kareem Moye says:

Macintosh and Microsoft are looking even more alike…..

Wave Man Mike says:

8:45 this is very useful for when I need to circle something on a screenshot with my iPhone

Bohemian Simmer says:

really helpful & informative video as always, love your videos so much! also thanks for making time codes, they're making easier to find what I'm looking for 😊

Ellie’s roblox asmr says:


Abdulaziz Hakeem says:

I am wondering if I can remove the app page on IPAD IOS 14. Does anyone know?

Aatif Shakur says:

Many of those things are not exclusive to the new update. He basically is teaching people how to use the iPad lol.

bigsmoke27 says:

Omg you scared me again

Gacha LGBTQ says:

4th gen ipad pro 👁

Inger Juni Lærdal says:

Anyone else who does not have matching background Color on Apple music on iPad? I really miss that, have it on my iPhone but I want it on my iPad too

John Jeffri says:

I had a weird bug today. Me and my GF use Google's Duo for voice or video call all the time. In the morning I got a call from her from the Duo app and I picked the call and to my surprise it was my Manager from my office called me. But, the caller ID in my screen was showing my GF's Duo details. I cut the call and he called me back this time his caller ID detail came.

Anish rokport says:

Cannot user Siri and Safari at the same time on Ipad 7


Happy I found you!!

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