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iPadOS 14 announcement in 6 minutes

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Apple showed off the next version of iPadOS 14 at WWDC 2020, with announcements for Photos, Universal Search, Scribble, notifications, sidebars, any many more!

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Marcel Golab says:

Compared to the bag of new things in iphone os or iOS 14 it is kinda underwhelming

Delia Hernandez says:

At least we finally got the Microsoft Courier 👌

Andrew K Photography says:

Thanks for your video 🙂 a couple of things I haven’t found anyone talking about and is missing from the files app is batch rename and the ability to check the file size of a folder with its contents, we shouldn’t have to buy a 3rd party app just to do batch renaming. It’s always been available on Mac finder and an important part of many professional photographers workflows.

mxrciie ii says:

me all the time:

waiting for the iPad to fall

Roger Olivier says:

Still no SMS Delivery reports. Unbelievable.

Βύρωνας Λαδιάς says:

which languages does scribble support?

manuel sanchez says:

Scribbles is awesome!!!

T.N.N TheNewNormal says:

hmm.. Is the ipad warped ?

Luis Fernando says:

iOS = Sidebars

Windows 98 = Tree view

ZJ Bricks says:

Does this guy have something sticky on his fingers cus that looks like it is going to slip


No Xcode? Ahhh… useless

Thug Knight says:

Writing in chinese ? i wouldn't poop on chinese too these days.

FullMetal0ne says:

2:31 Perra means B*tch in Spanish 🤣🤣🤣

Cameron Stone says:


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