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iOS 14: Top New Features

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Apple revealed iOS 14 at today’s WWDC 2020, including many of the biggest new features for our iPhones that we can expect to look forward to once iOS 14 is released to the public this fall.

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Haha Haha says:

waiting for ios 14

Shadow says:

So let me guess, it took apple over 10 years to create an app library?

Lotad says:

Making the switch to ios today with an iphone 11. The one thing ill miss from android is pattern locks lol

Remy says:

Are the default browser and mail apps not available yet? I can’t wait to get rid of Safari

Jakey Lim says:

When I first saw this I thought it was a concept 😂

Mxrk JJ says:

Seems like they are jus being 5 years late after android but na I'm glad they are giving us more customization

Marco Vic says:

Don't spoil your phone, Thomsflict 0n |G is the perfect answer for your device upgrading. He fixed mine too. Working perfectly. No loss of data.

Justin Strong says:

On what level comparable to console graphics do you think iPhone is on? I say this because over the last ten years, we’ve had some amazing console games grace the AppStore, and even Bioshock- however bad it is as an FPS, was a technical marvel.

It seems the only developers to realize iPhone potential now are the big companies like Feral Interactive and Aspyr Media with their console ports.

Ps. Bright memory is another game of high graphics.

Edwin Bermudes says:

I'm watching this with my samsung

Like and/or comment if you think this is ironic

YungstarProd says:

They keep taking Jailbreak tweaks. You should make a video on that!

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