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iOS 14 on iPhone 6S – The OLDEST iPhone Struggles..

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iOS 14 on iPhone 6S – The OLDEST iPhone Struggles.. | iPhone 6S iOS 14 Features & Changes Review (Beta 1)

The iPhone 6S is once again the oldest supported device by Apple with iOS 14 and in this video, we’re going to discuss the iPhone 6S/6S Plus and how it performs on iOS 14 developer beta 1.

We discuss new features & changes, battery life in iOS 14, performance, bugs & more – all specific to the 2015 iPhone 6S! Don’t forget, I’ll be revisiting the iPhone 6S in future betas of iOS 14, so my experience could change.

14 Things I DISLIKE in iOS 14: https://youtu.be/rouF-1-8yQE
iOS 14 – 90+ Best New Features & Changes: https://youtu.be/-81x3lOmVmU
iOS 14 – More NEW Features, Battery Life, Performance (1 Week Later Review): https://youtu.be/tmxwYaibkdw
16 iPhone Settings You NEED to Change Immediately: https://youtu.be/lZcLqmErv8U
How I Maintain 100% iPhone Battery Health: https://youtu.be/oCLWutvG8T4

0:00 Intro
1:15 Widgets & Home Screen
4:47 Picture in Picture
6:13 Camera Controls
6:52 Messages/Keyboard
7:55 Safari Tracking
8:40 Performance
9:42 Storage
10:40 Battery Life
12:05 Conclusion

Did you install iOS 14 on your iPhone 6S yet?

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Brandon Butch says:

Update: Here are 14 Things I DISLIKE in iOS 14: https://youtu.be/rouF-1-8yQE

iPhone 6S gang, wya?

Aditya Bhatnagar says:

Will be waiting for that 6s video you just promised you'll make

Aditya Bhatnagar says:

I've been using 16 gb variant from years. That's call STRUGGLE

Aditya Bhatnagar says:

To all iphone 6s user planning to use this phonr for some more time. DON'T UPDATE YOUR DEVICE. Or else Apple will make you upgrade to another iphone.

True story bro

Baboon says:

the crazy part is that I dont give a shit

Hunter Playz says:

The IPhone 6 S is horrible now

xXAnni3LuvsYhuXx says:

Will iPhone 6s on iOS 14 become very slow?

Lorincz Ervin says:

bruh, mine is 75 percent

Leander says:

My battery life is at 54…

Captain Alex says:

I’m still using a iPhone 6s Plus

FatFalcon 34 says:

The performance and battery decrease is why I don't update my phones.

Deng Apet says:

I have a iPhone 6s Plus Does that count??

the void crew says:

I have 89battery life on a iPhone 11 I got 6 month ago and Apple dose not wanna help me even tho I got apple care plus

Shiv Baruah says:

Even if it gets discontinued it's legacy would never be forgotten

Marc Nacionales says:

From 49% to less than 15% in one video. Battery sucks man

Fuard Aberejo says:

Does the 6s plus get back tap?


My mom is still using the iPhone 6

John Mateja says:

I’m watching this on the iPhone 6 😂

Shaik Usman says:

I phone 6s plus . Same future?. When launch iOS 14???

General Zubbis says:

I couldnt help but to notice how the battery went from 50% at the start to 15% at the end of the video.

Tigerfrede says:

Yay i have a iPhone 6s

BorealSine says:

It doesn't struggles at all, everything opens quickly. Apple's A9 is too fast to be slowed down..

Garry. hltn says:

People with Android watching this like👁💧👄💧👁

De'angela Rowe says:

How to get iOS 14

Der_Nona _ says:

I got the 6s lol

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