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iOS 14 on iPad – 40+ Best New Features & Changes in iPadOS 14!

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iOS 14 on iPad – 40+ Best New Features & Changes in iPadOS 14! | iPadOS 14 Beta 1 Released – What’s New Review

iPadOS 14 Beta 1 was just released and in this in-depth video, we cover over 45 new features & changes on the iPad & iPad Pro!

These features include redesigned home screen widgets, Scribble, Universal Search, Apple Pencil improvements, a redesigned Siri, AirPods features and much more!

iPadOS 14 beta is currently available to developers & will be out to public beta testers in a couple of weeks! It’s compatible with all iPads able to run iPadOS 13!

Join our Discord server for more iOS 14 discussion: https://discord.gg/VZQGZNz

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Widgets
2:10 Universal Search
2:39 New Siri Look
3:12 New Markup Options
3:50 Scribble
8:59 Emoji Popover Menu
9:18 Sidebar in Default Apps
9:56 Files
10:39 Small Incoming Call UI
11:19 Privacy
13:22 Safari
14:48 AirPods
15:47 Music App
16:56 Messages
17:23 Home
17:46 Other Small Features
20:45 Conclusion

Get access to iPadOS 14 beta (Select “Supporter” tier): http://bit.ly/2OFfI1Y

What do you think of iPadOS 14? What iPad did you install it on?

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Brandon Butch says:

Favorite feature in iPadOS 14? Mine is definitely Scribble!

Giga Bites says:

That was very lovely

Roblox Life says:

I wrote this with apple pen and I love ITT

Crybaby’s Motel says:

So lemme get this straight iPad can’t do the new home screen thing people are talking about?

bobplaysRBLX says:

lol apple is cool

八个 says:

I just wanna email apple and tell them that I need those widgets to be put on the home screen like those iphone 😪

Everything Except nothing says:

Wrote this comment using the Apple Pencil.

Diego Motta says:

I really like the bigger butons for Apps!

radhika goel says:

The emoji key is not working on my magic keyboard…do you know any reason? Also I’m not able to modify the keys

Riley Gatt says:

iOS 14 is updating right now on my ipad and I’m sooooooooooooo excited

Allee Plays1215 says:

Quick question is this update good for kids?pls answer I’m debating updating it or not!

iiMøøñ_cłøûdxx says:

I really think you should change your username to ios14

Maddie says:

Do u lose your apps when u update it

Dani Cahua says:

I ndont have the scribble option! What do i dooo

sabri_luvv says:

thank you! i needed this :))

Joey Marchitello says:

Mine does not show the + sign but i have iOS 14

Dilip Chavan says:

08:05 will get definitely more calls🤣🤣

Gamin With Me says:

93° that’s hot

Izuku Midoriya says:

On the iPad it looks like shit nothing looks new and you can’t really have as much accessibility as an iPhone they really didn’t try to make it look good with an iPad

I LOVE BTS says:

I just WISH we can decorate or customize our icons just like we can do on the iPhone..

Trvstgrace says:

If i update my i pad will it delete all my apps n stuff?

Lana Alsaad says:

I am writing this with my apple pencil:).

Abdullah Farjad says:

If you update your iPad to os 14 will fortnite go away

Ishaan Mahajan says:

Me noticing the Fortnite application and wondering why Brandon still has it?

dakshveer singh says:

which ipad is this

Albert and Kirsten fanpage says:

when my magic keyboard is broken:👁💧👄💧👁

AR says:

The real ones out so I don’t have a beta😌

BBQ Pitmaster says:

Do you know how to move music that you download from the internet on your iPad and move it to iTunes? I hate having to do this on my laptop. I use mp3 juice.

Cienna Ruddock says:

The only thing that I don’t understand is how come iPhones can put the wedges on your’s your home screen but I iPads can’t work their way bigger

Lacey Hoefener says:

For me the thing on the side does not show up I have to slide how did you do that?

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