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iOS 14 is Out! – What's New? (Every New Feature and Change)

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iOS 14 is now out to all supported devices, such as iPhone 11, 11 Pro, iPhone Xr, Xs, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and more!

We now have widget support on iOS 14 with home screen customization, as well as other additions and new features that will satisfy a lot of iOS users.

I have tested iOS 14 on the following smartphones so far:

iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone Xr
iPhone Xs
iPhone 8 Plus
And More.

Let’s dive in.

#iOS14 #iPhone #Apple

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xyn katsuhira says:

crunchyroll hmmm

Aditya Pratap says:

Now it has filled up with almost every feature of android …..that make it perfect for me

finest creations says:

Link to this phone case please ?

Kimmy B says:

wow now i am more tempted to switch. i have been thinking about it since the 6s plus. i have never had an Iphone have been using Samsung the last few years. love my s10 plus. is it hard to change to an Iphone ios 14 looks great i do not own anything apple. will stick to windows desktop might consider an ipad mini. what to you think.

Jim Lockwood says:

Also on the home screen do you have to have your icons in a grid pattern or can you have empty spaces skipping a space which currently the home screen does not allow you to do

Jim Lockwood says:

Can you do a video on how short cuts has changed in iOS 14

Olivia Stephens says:

I cant swipe out and have like the video still playing, does that only work with the Netflix?? Cuz I have the update but I cant get that to work

Callan George says:

Can’t wait for the officially release of the update looks pretty good

Young Hollow The Don says:

They say iOS 14 coming out later this year how do ppl get it before it comes out ?

Augustine Sob says:

It is a good move but not quite there yet. We need Always On Display and Youtube in Picture in Picture. Picture in Picture is better when it supports youtube and why must I touch my phone even if I have dirty hands just to see time or the date. Apple, give us AOD

chromrom says:

How add clock wiget to home screen

Lanfusmcnuff says:

So it took apple over 10 years to implement a widget. Lmao

David Prock says:

Does picture in picture view work for YouTube and other sources of video, like off of a webpage and other apps

David Prock says:

The App Library… any way to make that the default home screen? Who else would like it as the default home screen, at least as an option if not default. Leave a comment below as a survey, maybe Apple will see it and take the hint!

Jade Eaton says:

I just did the iOS 14 update on my iPhone 8 and mine doesn’t look like that . It looks the same .

Ebenezer Ackahbi says:

When are they releasing this iOS 14 please

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