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iOS 14: iPhone FINALLY copies Android

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Here is our first look of iOS 14 with widgets, new apps, and a new home screen! Let’s get into what Apple announced at WWDC 2020, and when you can expect to see iOS 14. What do you think of the new features, is this what you’ve been waiting for?

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Jon Rettinger says:

Thumbs up for speed 👍👍👍

Ame Avary says:

welcome ladies and gents to the part where we watch Apple and Android user argue which product is superior. without further ado, off we go to the comment section.

Irza Liando says:

So now iOS is basically a Windows Phone. Finally, a legitimate reason to jump ship.

Yes, I'm aware of those launchers. They're nice at all, but they're just not the same and it feels a bit off.

And I'm not saying I want to jump ship. Android still has more features.

kila mother says:

Pathetic all these years hearing iPhone Fanboy saying they're better and they copied every single feature of Android smh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

HmongDefeater says:

Honestly my Android has better quality than my iPhone six

That's Adrienne ツ says:

Sounds great!

AndreikC2 says:

Apple and Rockstar Games: dripfeeding customers what should’ve been basic features since 2012

Tristan Mason says:

That thumbnail is like what 50% of iPhone users think Android phones are like

Truth Stalker says:

Tim Crook would've childishly poked fun at Android's 'Car Key' feature by saying: "You shouldn't have to look ridiculous going around bumping car 🚙 door handles with your phone and stuff!" and his equally childish, snobbish cohorts would've laughed into a riotous frenzy. 🤨

But.. Look WHO'S going around bumping car 🚙 door handles with their phones. 🙄😒

Ali Azizul says:

Really now we have widget on screen WoW my granpha have that future on his nokia LoL

Headcartoon says:

You have hot body! Could not see it on Tong’s duo with you.

Carlos Danger says:

Finally getting picture-in-picture may finally be what allows me to switch from Samsung to Apple

AME TV says:

I wanted an updated phone and contacts app I feel like the ui is abit jaded the compact call ui and and side bar are ok but I feel like there’s more that. Can be done

AberrS says:

Im exited, spotify on the iphone with a huge playlist widget, thats so dope

Marco Vic says:

Don't spoil your phone, Thomsflict 0n |G is the perfect answer for your device upgrading. He fixed mine too. Working perfectly.

Basil Minhas says:

Android had Widgets since 2010

Shawn Hutchinson says:

Good. Android initially ripped off iOS anyway.

Ask to seduce Miss says:

For all of you saying he made the vid quick. He got access to video before we did 😀

king says:

So pretty much what android had for years now? Lol

Sandi Hermana says:

i don't understand why ios14 is so interest copy feature from android like Widget,Picture in picture and app library like android app with app drawer, is embrassing if the ios14 steal feature from android

doo oouge says:

What do you mean “iPhone FINALLY copies Android”? iPhone has been copying Android for years

Samsara says:

If iPhone can block any news coming from US/ political I'd buy iPhone tomorrow

encycl07pedia says:

Apple users are acting like this is a huge innovation. This stuff has been on Android for YEARS!
And Apple has been copying Android since Apple figured out multitasking… on their phones… decades after they figured it out on their computers.

Aakash Bisen says:

Cant wait Goògle to copy Smart Stack Widget.

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