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iOS 14 Hands-On: Everything New!

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The best iOS 14 features, coming soon to an iPhone near you.

0:00 Intro
1:06 Homescreen
1:45 Widgets
4:30 Compact UI
6:51 Straight from Android
8:12 Unique Features
10:43 Outro

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Yummy Pizza! says:

Cool!! Thanks I’m going to go and install

TheKingNekro says:

lol For arguably the richest company in the world these days, Apple has gotten pretty damn lazy and stingy. They do almost nothing at all to innovate the industry anymore. Last 3 iPhone generations all look lazy af and near identical with the big ass notch still. And so many old ass features ripped straight from Android… edge to edge display, wireless charge, fast charge, face unlock, night mode photos etc. While Android companies have been pushing the envelope with new innovations like pop up cameras, hole punch cameras, folding screens, mutli-screen phones, high refresh rate 1440p, etc.

And even as far as the OS itself goes the last 3 or so iOS updates have all just been a smorgasbord of copying and pasting features that have been on Android, usually for years. Yet the same people who suck Apple's dick and shit talk Android are the ones who will brag about these "new" features acting like Android didn't have them as many as 12 damn years ago. 🤣

And yet they still have a lot of catching up to do. STILL no multitasking. STILL no true OS customization. Still no freedom from Apple's control, still gotta use whatever default apps they want you to use and no freedom to download apps from 3rd part sources not from the iOS app store. And most importantly still no iOS devices not made by Apple, gotta keep that monopoly going. Because if Apple allowed other companies to make iOS phones, the Apple sheep would finally see how great of a device you can actually get for $500, $400, shit even $300-$250… and not just a rehashed old ass phone like the iPhone SE. Apple loves having no competition in their own realm/ecosystem so they can keep those prices nice and sky high.
Apple still does have a good build quality, I'll give them that. But I'm so glad I switched back to Android. I can't even imagine how stagnant the cell phone industry would be if Apple was the only one making smart phones. Competition is good, when companies compete for our money it forces them to innovate and WE are the winners. iPhone fans whether you like Android or not(and I know most of you haven't even tried it in 9 years, it's ok just admit it), but the more success Android has the more it pushes Apple to stop being lazy/stingy and add more features you guys have been missing out on.

billy fatbowe says:

So Premium Prices
For 8 year old features🤣😅😆

Aniket Phanse says:

7:37 am I the only one that caught the Community reference?

Monsterstacks says:


DR. Teatok says:

YouTube premium seems useless now

Anthony Marsala says:

Can you tell me if the new Siri, smaller cards show up in landscape mode when the device is horizontal? I don't like how Siri's full-screen cards always jump to portrait mode when the device is horizontal.

DR. Teatok says:

The whole reason Apple just dosent copy and paste most cydia tweaks is because they are not like android. That want a new feature to be fully functional. They don’t want it to drain battery. They also still want it to be avabile to most of their iPhones so a 2gig of ram iPhone may Miss out on a feature. Yet it can support all the other ones. Next is they want it to or simple yet complex and they won’t rush it.


Lol,,,all adapted from Android.
Nothing new here

sherelle willis says:

I can’t wait for the iOS 14 update I’m excited

SuperStarGio! says:

please split screen for iphone

John Aaron Lim says:

It would be nice to have recent calls save more phone calls. Rather than the recent 100. Maybe the recent 1000. For someone who gets a lot of calls a day loses unsaved numbers from a day ago.

Pierre Bonne-Annee says:

I love the calling and FaceTime feature where it doesn't take much space.

Jhoemz Villanueva says:

So we can reply of any messnges even we are watching a video? Just like android does…?

JC12 says:

A lot of these features are very useful but the majority of people will never use them. It seems like apple is just trying to find a high class way to outdo android but lately it has seemed weird. It’s like they’re borrowing ideas from each other like they both do but apple’s lately seem to make it weird and complicate things. Stackable widgets is a great idea until you realize the majority of consumers forget the widgets are stacked.

Victor says:

I though that was a Pride MKBHD t-shirt until I looked it up on the site to buy one 😂

Muhamad Asyraf Danial Suhaimi says:

iPhone 12 line up with iOS 14 would be so much great i think🤟🏼🤟🏼🔥🔥🔥

Rhine Spark says:

One thing’s for sure. The widget doesn’t make it lag… unlike some other platforms i.e. andr🤮

Yash kumar says:

Your hands are BIG!

Hariharan E says:

double and triple tap are my favorite, Android will make it happen?

Scarlett (Nick) Amlee says:

Apple users: Apple is better!
Apple: Basically turning their phones into androids

Matthew Logan says:

If the back of your phone is shattered will the shortcuts still work?

Mohammad Saleh says:

Get a hair cut

Cris Muhil says:

Being an MI (Poco) user, I don't have to worry about it! Whatever they, Apple does, they'll bring it to their Android i.e. their MI UI!!! 😄 But, I have to say that, that's a smoothie way of changing size of Picture in picture video window!

27 Ritvij says:


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