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iOS 14: First Take – Our Honest Review

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Who we Are:

We’re Rising Vlog Stars in 2020. Well we like to think we are. We had a fair few followers on our old channel.. But we actually deleted that one due to the incessant amount of spam and terrible watch time.. it was an old channel.. it’s complicated.

We’ve decided to take part in the Couples Who Vlog in 2020 Challenge and rather than continue on the channel we were on, Lockdown gave us the opportunity to completely revamp that.

So who are we?
We’re Kerry And Berry. Otherwise known as KerryAndBerry.. obviously.

We make v-logs every week as many times as is possible. 2/3 v-logs seem just about do-able right now. We’re trying 😅

So Introduce Yourself to us! We’re sociable v-loggers on here..


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