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Guys !! If you have an iPhone this is the new software iOS 14 lol wanted to share it with you guys! ❤️ 📱
#ios14 #apple #ios14software #ios14new #iphone12 #ios14beta


Keneth Mukbangs says:

CHECK OUT MY NEWEST IOS 14 CALL FEATURE VIDEO! 📱❤️🔥 https://youtu.be/zLZWh2SpZq8

Stefano Ferrante says:

Wow, now i can have an iphone that does almost everything the android phones already do

Except for the back gesture

And the apps download from safari/chrome

And lots of other useful things

Derek Kamau says:

Doja Cat – Say So instrumental background?!? 🤣🔥👨‍⚖️

MassiveFatD says:

Apple: adds widgets

Me: laughs in Android

James Mackay says:

Bruh android already had this YEARS ago
Y'all need to catch up iOS users

moonliightv says:

and y’all say android copies apple-

Exodus Graphics says:

Every new feature here is from android

bijay lama says:

Android had these features decades ago…. so feeling kinda expired things to us

PlankClank says:

Tbh android still better

Yadierelle says:

i already got that

Todd Tomchek says:

Android already has all this shit….

Jake Lowe says:

I have it as a apple Developer and I am liking it a lot so far

Gamestroyer says:

Why there is TIKTOK in Creativity section?

Sam Salloum says:

This literally looks like an android phone

twesuie says:

I honestly don’t like it.

Kamrul Hassan says:

🤣🤣🤣🤣 copy Android 😂😂

Bryan Ledesma says:

Android already had those features for a long time

Dave dave says:

Apple didn't want to go same way as android… But money made widgets in iPhones possible…. Dumbfucks android is best.. iPhones are for people that wanna waste money and are too stupid to choose their dream phone .. well there's just few numbers u have to know when u buy iPhone

Salah Ddine says:

Android had that in its first version 😂

Friendly Indian Scammer says:

As an Android fan boy, this uodayes makes me want to get an iPhone

Julio Rudy says:

First off do not download this app

Himanshu Khatter says:

all these features are already on android

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