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iOS 14 First Look | Everything You Need To Know

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Here is the first look at whats new in ios 14. There are a feqw big changes in this one.

iOS 14 is available from all phones from iPhone 6s.

All video clips used in this are from WWDC 2020 so not owned by me, obviously

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Keking says:

Took Apple this long to do it

Enos The Tonga Guy says:

Dislike dummy must have had their phone upside down


Great video and content but plzzzzzz stop making iso update look great when there just add things that android already have, if and when there something new I'll be like wow apple is really innervating,

Jayasimha says:

How to download the iOS 14 developer beta I have searched the Apple website but I couldn’t find the iOS 14 developer beta

Red City says:

This might make it easy to get android users to jump into the ios system. Great video as usual, clean and amazing work , keep going bro

patrick jackson says:

I downloaded iOS 14 beta and I’m not a fan. The widgets especially the battery one sucks because it doesn’t say the percentage anymore the old widgets looked better and showed more information. The app library is useless to be honest since people already have their app in the folders they want. I would love to be able to get rid of app library.

Smvballer6 says:

You are the real MVP bro. Glad I subscribed to you

Rishi Jha says:

Why is the subscriber count broken? It should say a billion. Keep it up dude!

Juan T says:

Good video you deserve to have more subscribers

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