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iOS 14 First Look! 25+ New Features & Changes!

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iOS 14 was released today! Here is an overview of the new features and a first look at the iOS 14 experience 🙂

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Rodger Bartlett says:

Hey Jeff. I’ve noticed that during phone calls and in some other apps there’s a colored dot above the signal bar. Any clue what this is?

Erik Flores says:

I noticed glitches with FaceTime and I also deleted all my apps off my home screen into my app library and it looks organized

Riaz Ahmed Minhas says:

Hey jef how to install Apple Watch os 7

I.M. de Haan says:

Can you show us and demonstrate the new accessibility features?

Jezreel Delaijah says:

I’m in love finally!! With the picture to picture!!!

Charlie Robinson says:

I got it but then I accendentally put them on top then depleted and know I don't have the weather and the batteries things

Talmon Murphy, Jr. - Digital Archaeology says:

I hope Apple moves the App Library on iPhone to Spotlight so that you can pull down from any screen and either search, see Siri recommendations AND see App Library below that! Now THAT would be SWEET! 👍😊👍😊❤️❤️❤️

Slkch3 says:

I thought there was gonna be a feature to add your car keys

Raul Acosta says:

For some reason I can’t text android numbers anyone else having issues with this?

Raazel Benderez says:

No one like yourself ever tests PIP WITH YOUTUBE. I can tell everyone it DOES NOT WORK PIP IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH YOUTUBE ON IOS

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