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iOS 14 Brings Widgets! ARM Macs are Coming! WWDC 2020 Recap

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Definitely Sam says:

This aged beautifully

Aaaaea says:

Even tho the S2 was only updated for three years, remember that most smart watches never receive updates, at least apple supported them for three years

Aaaaea says:

7:45 yes we got, a lot of demos, but not on day one or the main keynote

Nicholas Cano says:

Is the Microsoft package for macs worth it?

Cameron Ray says:

So they copied everything Samsung does…

Timmi says:

I was amazed how it didn’t feel like a 2 hr boring event.

jamison korando says:

That is NOT at all anything like 3rd party watch faces. Love your content, appreciate the channel. 👍🏼


I know I'm alone, but I hope these new Mac icons come to iOS. They just look so clean and new.

Hannah R. says:

More than anything, I’m glad devices aren’t getting left behind. And that the series 3, 4 and 5’s are getting sleep tracking and it won’t be some exclusive thing for the series 6.

Caden Churchill says:

Now that iPhone supports picture in picture we had better get it with YouTube!

Also can't wait for ARM based Macs!

Spartan Tripp Gaming says:

Apple: We are now letting are users know if you are accessing there cameras or mic

Mark Zuckerberg: well sh*t

Frank Tricarico says:

I feel ya man on the iMac – hopefully in a few weeks?

Cédric Pomerleau says:

There’s already dance tracking on Apple Watch… this isn’t new I don’t get it.

TheShaolin015 says:

Arm chipped macs means Final Cut Pro coming to an iPad Pro soon 😀

Alvin Brock says:

Apple Silicon?

Martic Ztn says:

Hey! I like your background!

Zilch says:

I'm pretty sure those DevKits have to be returned back to Apple, from what I understand, so they're paying $500 just to rent the Mac mini, not buy.

judgewest2000 says:

I'm really dubious about this transition to ARM.
Will they still be doing Intel stuff next year considering that's where the powerhouses are?
Will the ARMs be more used for lower powered devices like laptops?

Blue Glitch says:

People are making fun of widgets??????

What about Google is copying Android 10 gesture mechanism from Apple, Portrait lighting, Face ID, Notch, Headphone jack removal?????

They always copy from each other…I just wonder how apple lead the competition in every step they take, even it's stupid🤷‍♂️😑

Viktor Hansen says:

YouTube wont come with it because it will complicate the YouTube Premium

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