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iOS 14 beta: It's complicated…finally

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iOS 14 for the iPhone has the biggest changes Apple has ever made to the home screen. You can add widgets to any screen, there’s a whole new app library, and you can even turn off whole pages. In this episode of Processor, Dieter Bohn explains what it all means.

Read more: https://bit.ly/2YsUZoZ

0:00 Intro
0:40 Here’s a question
0:49 Widgets
2:19 Jiggle Mode
3:00 Edit pages
3:40 Smart stack
4:23 App Library
6:47 App Clips
8:28 iOS 14 is finally complicated
10:36 Outro

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The Verge says:

What do you think of the new homescreen on iOS 14?

L L says:

I don't know how I feel about the app gallery. I with they had a different way to stack them such as having them all on a screen like android but having them separated with background colours. It's too stuffed for me

Wolfatadoor says:

Dieter you rock!

Probably TheAmaziiingTim says:

Welcome to Android 4 Apple slaves,lol

Justin Strong says:

On what level comparable to console graphics do you think iPhone is on? I say this because over the last ten years, we’ve had some amazing console games grace the AppStore, and even Bioshock- however bad it is as an FPS, was a technical marvel.

It seems the only developers to realize iPhone potential now are the big companies like Feral Interactive and Aspyr Media with their console ports.

Ps. Bright memory is another game of high graphics.

Chigüire Municipal says:

There was a reason why I switched from Android to iOS.
This feels like a step back.

What's next? am I gonna find the memory full of thumbnails and temporary pictures like I did on my Samsung Note 1 all those years ago?

Sean Hamilton says:

Nice try, Apple.

TickRate says:

While these features aren’t “new”, they will become more mainstream than they were before. This is proven by past examples. This is a beta, and things will improve. The app library categories are probably based also on what the developer puts it in, and right now it’s just guessing because developers haven’t configured it yet.

Anuran Barman says:

you still have a Windows phone?

Jamil Alyasenie says:

Keep licking apple shoes

Alexandria Lashuna says:

it messed up my xr soo ii had to restart my phone for it to work –

Stephen Owen says:

Some really bumping tracks in this one, I was especially enjoying the music at 7:45 and Dieter talking over it authoritatively about the ideal design of widgets.

x e says:


Black Velvet says:

You forgot about PIP. Finally you can do real multitasking

Gino Rodrigues says:

Sad to see Apple turning into a follower.

ConnorS says:

alternate title: iOS 14: it's a waste of time and storage

Justice Msimango says:

Can’t wait 😊

Joey Numbers says:

Can you remove the today view, or are we double dipping with the widgets?

Simon Grove says:

Hey look it's Android 7 years ago!

Brian B. says:

Just let me arrange the icons the way that I want, Apple..

Paul-Anthony M. says:

haha I refuse to call it "jiggly mode"

Juanith Thomas says:

Do you know how, when we turn off our laptops and smartphones, like Power off totally, the time gets updated even when there is presumably 'no' current flowing out from the battery? I mean, is there a separate module that does that or is the chipset at work all the time like our hearts?

rustyispunk says:

How many gigs do you have @Dieter?

Damian Kolarov says:

Good looking case on your IPhone, what brand is it?

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