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iOS 14 Beta 8 is Out! – What's New?

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iOS 14 Beta 8 has been released to developers and also iOS 14 Public Beta 8 to beta testers. iOS 14 Beta 8 brings refinements to widgets, gestures, settings and more as we get closer to the iOS 14 GM and the iOS 14 release date. Apple also released iPad OS 14 Beta 8, tvOS 14 Beta 8, watchOS 7 Beta 8 and soon macOS Big Sur Beta 7. In this video I go over any changes or features in iOS 14 Beta 8 including expected battery life, performance and more on iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro 12.9. #iOS14 #iPhone #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:16 – iPadOS 14 Beta 8, watchOS 7 Beta 8, and tvOS 14 Beta 8 released
00:48 – Size
00:58 – Apple event September 2020 for iPhone 12?
01:26 – Build number
01:54 – New features and changes
05:40 – Resolved issues and bug fixes
06:06 – iPadOS 14 Beta 8
06:33 – Battery health and battery life
07:35 – Performance
08:10 – Benchmarks
09:10 – Should you install iOS 14 Beta 8?
09:28- iOS 14 GM release date
09:44 – iOS 14 release date
10:05 – Wallpaper
10:17 – Outro
10:37 – End

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Aaron Lyrics says:

Awesome Aaron

meghnaad แฆ แ‚ฎ แŽท แŽช แŽก says:

iphone 6s will get it

baayers2 says:

I donโ€™t know if I am the only one but I am experiencing a bug with notifications while on a phone call. If I am on the phone and I receive a notification a banner will appear at the top of the screen but there will be no sound or vibration. Once I hang up everything returns to working normally.

Son Goku says:

Guys howโ€™s the battery on the 11 pro max?

Joshua Bradshaw says:

Jiggle mode–legend.

Ryan Maestas says:

I noticed on apple music that until you download the song you canโ€™t see the lyrics. I noticed that today when i went to see lyrics of a song and it was as if there were no lyrics until I downloaded the song then, i saw the lyrics.

Thomas Lindsay says:

Hello does any one know when iOS 14 comes out to the public would the iOS 14 work fine on iPhone 11 and would be bettery be improved ? Not drain fast and would be worth installing both on iPhone 11 and iPad Pro 220 model ?

alfonso lancaster says:

Mine has a glitch that Iโ€™ve had since the very first iOS 14 beta 1, it hasnโ€™t gone away.. any tips? Itโ€™s a glitch with the app changing. Iโ€™ve talked to Apple, and made a comment in the feedback app.

Jaron Williams says:

Can I still download the actual iOS 14 when it releases if I have the beta ?

Matthew Gregg says:

Between this and the watch update… killed my watch notifications for phone calls and text messages.

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