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iOS 14 Beta 6 is Out! – What's New?

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iOS 14 Beta 6 Released! iOS 14 Beta 6 is now available to developers and public beta testers and brings some nice changes such as changes to photos, music, mail and more. In this video I go over all the new features in iOS 14 Beta 6 including expected battery life, performance and more on iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Air 2. Apple also released updates for Apple Watch and Apple TV. #iOS14 #iPhone #Apple

Thanks @SteveMoser for your help

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:44 – Size
01:04 – Build number
01:10 – Modem update
01:24 – New features
06:28 – Known issues
07:10 – Resolved issues
09:09 – Battery life
10:11 – Performance
10:55 – Benchmarks
11:39 – iPad OS 14 Beta 6
12:12 – Should You Install iOS 14 Beta 6?
13:01 – iOS 14 Beta 7 release
13:42 – Outro
14:02 – End

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Dr.sanket thakur says:

BEta 7 just released

Vinay Bhat says:

Hi Aaron, can you link your top 5 wallpapers for iPhone 11 Pro MAX everytime you upload a new video. Thanks

Emilythebaddie says:

My hidden thing in photos is gone

Stelios Kapet says:

How are the notification sounds on this one? I hate it when I’m watching a video like yours for instance right now and the a notification pops or a message comes and it lowers the volume of my video right away as well as plays the notification sound which is too intrusive I believe. For instance some person I don’t even wanna answer to texts me . Why does apple need to make this texts notifications so strong to force me to notice it? I want to hear the sound on another sound level and let it blend with my video a bit. They should at least give us this option

A Haunter says:

Is the Audio quality frequency the same still?
On iOS public beta 3, they’re using a special audio frequency which sounds VERY clear and real. My cats are freaking out because of how realistic the audio is now.

Candy Villasin says:

Is it secured to update my iPhone for IOS 14?

kevin torres says:


Sean Isweird says:

I just got a brand new iPhone 11 and I’m worried about my phone… not sure if I should upgrade from iOS 13 to beta 6. Is it stable? What’s the risk of any… damage to your iPhone?

I am DeSimone says:

Will the beta eventually sync up with apples official iOS 14 release?

Jaymeet Parekh says:

I have a question how to feature a specific photo in photo widget

scott varney says:

Is there a way to add a widget to the lock screen? If not that would be a nice thing to see added at some point.

Zuka Makhatadze says:

Should I get this on iPhone 7+ ?

Boba._. Tea says:

I hope they keep the old design of the alarm thing. I don't like the new version at all idk

Owen’s Aviation says:

Does pokemon go work?

Michael Gill says:

In music show album isn’t with copy and share on my Xs Max running beta 6. So not sure why the difference.

Brandon S says:

What background is that?

God says:

I can watch 4K now on YouTube now from iphone11 wtf

Ptao Tom says:

Is it just me, or is the speed cameras in maps only a US update? I don’t see it on my update in the UK.

Eng Azahir says:

And also sometimes notifications and blown

Eng Azahir says:

3D shortcut for phone app is not working

Agent_Surfer says:

No none is buying iPhones because the removed my favourite game

Gamers of the Galaxy says:

Hey dude I want to update to iOS 14 beta 6 but when I click “download and install”, it opens up the “agree to terms and conditions pop up”. I hit agree and nothing happens. What the hell is this now? I have an iPad 5th gen. Please help me.

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