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iOS 14 Beta 5! What's New Review

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iOS 14 Beta 5 Released! Several nice surprises in this one! iOS 14 is almost ready for primetime, beta 5 includes 40+ features/changes!

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iOS 14 Beta 4 Review.

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Aiden says:

Pls do n20 ultra drop test

Par Pun says:

Anyone noticed this ? Is it a bug ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaVzRwb9nrU

Nishchit says:

But where did you get that wallpaper from!?

Kgothatso L. Hosie says:

i love seeing the video editing evolution of this channel. sweet.

Matthew Messier says:

Multicore scores and scores in general literally mean nothing./

Mxars says:

ever since beta 4, the notes widget displays the smae note, no matter if you make a new one.

Zameelu Ahmed says:

Cant open safari

Prorandomizer768 says:

Why the hell are the captions in Korean?

Hi Shin Unit says:

no one cares bro, get 90 hrz already they are so behind. Good God it took them years to upgrade ram, then camera, WHy MILK IT Apple?

Pratyush balaji says:

Anyone else remember when he used to make those PSP videos. I had a PSP and he was the guy i would watch when i wanted to try something out. A lot has changed man. Keep up the good work, hope I get to meet you someday

Anurag Sharma says:

Sir I am your big fan
Sir I need phone and I have no money to buy please giveaway me only one Apple phone
I will be very thankful to you for the iPhone
I promise you I spread your channel to all my nearby in India
Please reply me for my help

RAM says:

Is it just my iPhone or does anybody else have a problem with taking a simple picture on instagram … when i try to the picture blacks out and doesnt show up also happens when trying to post a photo on stories with this new beta also sumtimes instagram crashes for no reason

Temmie says:

I wonder when AirPods will seamlessly switch between iPhone/iPad, that’s number one on my wish list.

Big Smoke says:

Will you be able to get the official iOS 14 or future updates (After iOS 14) if the profile is removed

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