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iOS 14 Beta 5 is Out! – What's New?

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iOS 14 Beta 5 was released to developers and soon to public beta testers. iOS 14 Beta 5 brings updates to widgets, control center, photos and more. In this video I go over all the new features and changes of iOS 14 beta 5 on iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 7, iPhone SE and the 2020 iPad Pro 12.9. I also go over performance, battery life, benchmarks, bugs and more. Apple also released iPad OS 14 Betas, macOS, and Apple TV betas. #ios14 #iOS14 #iPhone #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:22 – Size
00:44 – Build Number
01:15 – New features
07:28 – iPad OS 14 Beta 5
07:42 – Resolved issues
08:34 – Known issues or bugs remaining
09:27 – Battery life
10:16 – Performance
10:47 – Benchmarks
11:54 – Should you install iOS 14 Beta 5?
12:37 – iOS 14 Beta 6 release date
13:21 – Conclusion
13:42 – Outro
14:02 – End

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zollotech says:

DId you install iOS 14 Beta 5 yet and what device are you using? Thanks for watching!

Gavin Macinip says:

What is the home screen option in settings?


thanks for your opinion


how can i get this wallpaper for my iphone 7 ??????? plss

Αιμιλια A. says:

Has anyone else have any issue with the lyrics on the apple music? I am actually importing songs from my laptop to my iphone via iTunes and usually I add the lyrics as well. Before I install ios14 public beta this was working but now I can see the lyrics from my phone only if I am connected to wifi.

ArrozConToto ArrozConToto says:

The Picture in Picture feature doesnt have 2 sizes like you said. If you pinch to zoom in or out, it actually gives you many sizes.

Carl Naessens says:

OH, have to say, love how you talk about the updates and treat each update as it should be. A beta update. Was getting so tired of other reviewers doing these full on reviews of early Beta like its the finished product. Found these other reviews annoying and obviously the concept of β€˜beta’ is lost on them. Keep up the great reviews.

Carl Naessens says:

Do you think Beta 5 is stable enough to install on main device yet?

Steven Tran says:

I kinda miss the bigger scroll wheel for the alarm

Justin David Nanista says:

Hey Siri doesn’t work anymore

C Gilley says:

I have iOS 13 I signed up to be a beta tester but when I signed in to download the file I didn’t know for sure what to go to Testing Apple beta software? I guess I’ll have to wait till 14 comes out

planespotter sam says:

I still haven’t been getting notifications


When will the update be available in uk

Maiye Sadsad says:

I updated my ios 14.5 beta, and my instagram acc. Is not working, when i capture in my camera in instagram is not working.

RoseAnne Vau says:

When I updated to iOS 13.6.1 (I avoided it till last week) β€”but what happened was my ear bud/pod volume decreased greatly. I can’t hear well at all when I have my ear buds/pods connected. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m extremely frustrated.

Reese C. says:

who else face ID isn’t working …

Francis Rica says:

Picture on Picture feature for me(beta 5) I can change the size of the video by pinching in or out the video. Can anyone try that please and let me know if it works for them?

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