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iOS 14 Beta 4! What's New Review

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iOS 14 Beta 3 Released! New animations, major Music changes, new retro Music icon, new clock widget, widgets overhaul & over 70 features & changes!

iOS 14 Beta 3 Review.

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staylittyy says:

Multiple app crashes since I updated yesterday very frequently

null dotexe says:

i wonder why you can’t use apples translate app on iPod touch

Evan Clinton says:

My iPhone 11pro does the screen dimming thing all the fucking time even when it’s like half brightness on regular updates no beta

Jason Burns says:

Your clock widget is doing what mine has been doing. It is almost always off. I wonder when they are going to fix this?

Kaushik Sarkar says:

How do I remove the keyboard from the Notes splash screen. Rebooting doesn't help

Tru Music Lighting says:

My battery life is terrible on my 11 pro max with beta 4

Lebron Buzz says:

Has anyone had issues with battery dying really fast like i was at 40% at 2 am and then went to bed and then when I woke up I was at 14% (iPhone XR)

D O N O says:


Super Robot Mab says:

When does AirPods spatial audio come?

Chris says:

I get sea sick when watching this dudes videos. Keep the phones still so we can actually see something on them.

Get_ _Skimpd says:

I thought this was a jerryrigeverything video lmao

Stephanie Santacruz says:

codm doesnt work it keeps closing😣

Fren Arief says:

Just waiting for picture in picture on the YouTube app

Shalim Miah says:

I know this is about iOS and not about watchOS, but I need to mention this as nobody seems to have notice this huge blunder by Apple.
Voice-over has stopped working on beta four of watchOS seven. I have experienced this problem on series 4 and series 5 watches. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?

yuh says:

It literally destroyed my iPhone 10 and warranty doesn’t cover it so had to buy a entire new phone.

Washington Almeida says:

The most exciting change of them all is that Podcast settings text has been changed from blue to black? Really?

Joshua Oliver Dimaano says:

DOES ANYONE HERE OVERHEATING AFTER updating to this iOS14 beta4 ???

10 subscribers with no videos challenge says:

iOS 14 is so cool

Kahlid Alosta says:

Bank apps does not work with IOS 14, any fix or news about it ?

Keifer Menchaca says:

Who wouldn't even have noticed these changes if he hadn't pointed it out??

Van Helsing says:

Where can i get that background from the right phone it looks rlly good

Abuzar Khalil says:

I’ve just updated it but my notifications aren’t coming up, why is that?

Oscar Lindskov says:

Also, in beta 3 you could play 2560p in the youtube app, and now in beta 4, we are stuck with the old 1080


Wait, how do you have uncover installed on iOS 14.3 b4?

Diego Alarcon says:

I got a bug where Safari don’t work

Luke Pruscino says:

0:42 i have always had that problem since i had an 8 Pus, XR, and 11….

Mûhammad Śajid says:

Why nobody fucking talk about, how bad is the new “Alarm” interface. It’s ruining my sleep tf.

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