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iOS 14 Beta 4 – Don’t panic..

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iOS 14 Beta 4 – Don’t panic.. (Follow-Up Review) | iOS 14 Beta 4 Features & Changes

Apple released iOS 14 beta 4 to both registered developers & public beta testers earlier in the week, and in this video we go over some additional new features & changes, the performance, battery life, bugs & more!

iOS 14 Beta 4 Released – What’s New?: https://youtu.be/sMh4rNSrQ60
iOS 14 – 30+ Best Hidden Features: https://youtu.be/gT2phPYc2wE
iOS 14 – How to Enable Picture in Picture for YouTube: https://youtu.be/uyhR2gdWN8k
iOS 14 on iPhone 7 – This is Impressive: https://youtu.be/ZOSsYYvXxKw
iOS 14 on iPhone SE – A Nice Surprise: https://youtu.be/pnC3NHGHvNg
iOS 14 on iPhone 6S – The OLDEST iPhone Struggles: https://youtu.be/lmaegQD-on4

0:00 Intro
0:20 Additional Features & Changes
4:15 Bug Fixes
6:32 Bugs
10:24 Performance
11:30 Battery Life
12:43 Community Poll
16:35 Outro

Wallpaper: https://discord.gg/VZQGZNz

How has iOS 14 beta 4 been for you? Facing any of the bugs I mentioned?

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Brandon Butch says:

What are you looking forward to in beta 5?

Tayls715 _ says:

All I’m assed about is Pokemon go working again 😤😂

cesar rodriguez says:

Bro we most have different beta my 11 pro Max Overheats a lot and battery drain

Vision Better says:

i downgrade my device cuz i had bugs like Instagram crashing, when i was playing a playlist in my music when i was going to play a song from my library it doest let me play the song cuz for some reason wanted to delete the queue of my playlist and if i wasn't connected to the internet it wasn't let me

Emiljan K says:

Anyone has a problem with notes in beta 4 because I have not been able to get to my notes keyboard is hiding the continue as it promotes new features !!

Rene Ruvalcaba says:

hey my camera fades off and on and when i call someone it dosent go threw and when i turn off my phone it fixes but them it happens again ?

sk says:

I have the xs max and i cant go to control center anymore 🙁

Trelly Da God says:

my siri doesnt work

Chase Pierre says:

Beta 4 keeps making apps act unusual or crash.

SM Music says:

I installed this update on iphone SE 1st generation and I cannot even use my phone for 5mins without any glitch

Elizabeth Blanco says:

bruh my camera is black and i tried downloading ios 13 omg it didnt help at all wtf

Ramon Rustico Barte says:

Annoying BIG TIME issue on iPhone XS video display quality (low light). Even when watching Videos or taking photos in low light. Seems pixelated and low color dynamic range is bloody obvious with dark hues.

Ramon Rustico Barte says:

Annoying BIG TIME issue on iPhone XS video display quality (low light). Even when watching Videos or taking photos in low light. Seems pixelated and low color dynamic range is bloody obvious with dark hues.

Codrin Boghian says:

I dont know if its because of beta 4 but my phone used to heat as hell. I turned it off for a night and now is all good. It also charged very slowly, got the phone for more than a month now and never experinced this before beta 4

Ahmad Eleadeh says:

i have iphone 11 pro max and have beta 4 but back tap didnt work

Bonsoir Bonsoir says:

Beta 4 has so much bugssssss like a bug took a day to disappear on the apple music app like i couldn’t play my music

XxMrSmithxX v2 says:

I’ll wait for beta 5

Pascal Gagnon says:

Instagram crashes for me if I zoom in a picture

Apollopayne says:

Update call of duty mobile and now works on this beta

Kylie Stocking says:

When I click on call of duty it just doesn’t work because of the update 😢😢

keanu lee says:

The camera app as a bug on my phone

TheOnlyEn says:

One irritating thing about the new clock system. You cant turn the sleep alarm clock off easily like the other alarm clocks. Pls put this back

Arslène Loualich says:

The clock widget not fixed yet, still not showing the correct time

Netflix Panda says:

i have a snapchat bug that the bar you type in disperse!

Christian Iversen says:

Is anyone else having problems with their AirPods picking up a phone speaker when you are first making or receiving a new phone call?

Jacob Robertson says:

This is the only beta that has been crashing for me

code DIBBLE says:

Phone turns off at night when plugged in

Sure Shurely says:

My insta crashes whenever I pinch to zoom into a picture

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