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iOS 14 Beta 3 is Out! – What's New?

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iOS 14 Beta 3 has been released to Developers and iOS 14 Public Beta 3 should be later today or tomorrow. iOS 14 Beta 3 brings a new music app icon, new widgets and more. In this video I show you all of the new features of iOS 14 Beta 3 on iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE and iPhone XR. #iOS14 #iPhone #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:18 – Size
00:36 – Build number
00:47 – Modem update
00:51 – Storage bug
01:21 – Known issues
01:51 – Resolved issues
02:10 – New features and changes
09:09 – iPad OS 14 Beta 3
09:39 – Battery
10:38 – Performance
11:43 – Benchmarks
12:18 – Conclusion
12:31 – iOS 14 Beta 4 expected release date
12:50 – Wallpaper
13:03 – Outro
13:23 – End

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zollotech says:

Which version of music do you like best? iOS 14 Beta 3 adds new widgets, updates music, has a new handwashing feature for watchOS 7 and more. Thanks for watching!

Cynthia Mark says:

After so many recommendation I Met ryptoolz on Instagram. Who helped me fix my device.

Felix Antonio says:

I recover my account through cyba_check_4 on iG he's legit

Felix Antonio says:

I recover my account through cyba_check_4 on iG he's legit

Felix Antonio says:

I recover my account through cyba_check_4 on iG he's legit

Richard Glover says:

It stuff up my bank apps 🙃

Dylan The Creator says:

I have the beta on my Xr but compact Siri still isn’t working any suggestions

Jolly_ _y says:

Idk if this is happening to anyone else, but when I go full screen on anything, my battery, the time, and my battery life all remain on the left. I hate this. And when I want to screen record something full screen it’s in the way. This also ruins my other channel. I would record gameplay, upload it privately then record it off my phone and do final touches. But apple Said Fuck that. So thanks. I’m fucking screwed.

Yolo Z says:

Heyy @zollotech is there a way to install the ios 14 beta via PC?

Cesar Mora says:

I can't play Pokemon go anyone able to help? It just shuts the app as soon as I touch it.

Joseph Matthew says:

I’ve install iOS beta 3 when I go to the clock widgets it give the wrong time .is anyone having the same issue?

glocky2 says:

After updating to iOS 14.3 Public Beta iPhone Froze on the Apple logo.
Tried Force restart several times and still the same
On PC opened iTunes and was not able to Update. Selected Restore and 13.6 was installed.

Packerman Bruhmomento says:

I’m on an 8+ and I always used the 3D Touch thing where pressing on the left side of the screen brings me to the multi tasking menu and man, not having that is annoying, pressing the home button twice feels a bit slower

apedse defy says:

No COD mobile for me until 3D Touch is back….

Phil Gregg says:

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Mason Benard says:

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Brandon Stephany says:

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Diego Gallegos says:

Can I update to the beta with my main phone? I have service and all using my phone

Princewill Ben says:

How can I upgrade from iOS 14.O to beta 2or 3

Fifi Nonato says:

The bugs I’m experiencing are very minimal, I am quite disappointed with the back tap though. I was looking forward to it but it is too sensitive to use.

shah wayne says:

in iphone Xr at ios 14 beta 3 ui camera change like ip11 i like it😍

Smart Idiot says:

i've been having a bug that's been fixed. it was, when you type a word that brings up an emoji, it showed up on the suggestion keyboard as "…". that was fixed for me. did it fix for y'all or did u not have the bug?

Brandon Stephany says:

I’m grateful to allhacks@hotmail .com for helping with find my lost device by tracking it thanks t

Jheovanny Gomez says:

Wtf I though you said the other glitch was fixed it just went back to 56 GBS! It was 8 GB at the beginning of the update but it shut up again wtf is wrong with my phone

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