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iOS 14 beta – 250+ Top Features/Changes!

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iOS 14 is a major new update for iPhone users. It includes extremely handy utilities like picture in picture for video, compact incoming call and Siri interface, better search capability, privacy controls, and much, much more.

Introduction: 2:12
Home Screen: 2:31
Wallpapers: 5:09
App Library: 5:54
Widgets: 11:53
Search: 21:17
Picture in Picture: 23:24
Siri: 25:25
Privacy: 28:53
Markup: 33:52
Settings: 36:12
Family Sharing: 38:51
Keyboard: 39:43
Control Center: 40:25
Accessibility: 42:17
Phone: 47:28
Messages: 51:00
Maps: 55:49
Translate: 57:56
Home: 1:00:24
Safari: 1:03:59
App Store: 1:05:25
App Clips: 1:06:39
Apple Arcade: 1:06:48
Camera: 1:08:13
FaceTime: 1:11:00
Files: 1:11:50
Health: 1:14:45
Clock: 1:17:59
Mail: 1:19:29
Measure: 1:20:38
Magnifier: 1:20:45
Music: 1:21:53
News: 1:24:29
Notes: 1:24:28
Photos: 1:26:04
Podcasts: 1:28:32
Reminders: 1:28:43
Shortcuts: 1:31:00
Books: 1:32:07
Game Center: 1:32:16
Voice Memos: 1:32:58
Find My: 1:33:50
Weather: 1:34:00
Fitness: 1:34:49

– Hands-on with iOS 14: https://9to5mac.com/2020/06/29/hands-on-with-250-ios-14-beta-features-and-changes-video/
– macOS Big Sur Top 85+ Changes/Features video: https://youtu.be/Z6-xzwzPOu8
– iOS 14 beta 2 changes/features

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lesterbeats says:

This is a whole movie

Darren Bullock says:

s it worth it to download iOS 14 beta

Darren Bullock says:

is it worth it to download iOS 14 beta

J. D.Alas says:

android user's: so much innovation! we had that 5 years ago! 😎👌🏼

Hector Antonio Tafoya Garcia says:

wow MacStadiom ripped off from stackoverdlow logo identity

The Hale’s says:

This is definitely the best iOS since 2014

Nauman Javed says:

Welcome to Android.

dracula008 says:

51:24 Why don't you simulate a Baby Crying ?

myyou tubeaccount says:

These are like android features, same with big sur. Come on apple don't make out these are ground breaking features. Apple are really slacking.

Ennis W says:

Some features should be delivered over App Store.

Anirudh Venkatachalam says:

I watched this in 2x and it still felt looking. But great video tho.

Jorge Pinto says:

Great tips. Help me to organize the library and homescreen. Thank you

Dominic Boiyo says:

i cant believe i watched this entire thing

Josh Vapes Reviews says:

Im not enjoying this update at all. I downloaded it and noticed when you swipe left the news isnt there anymore. Bummer.

Josh Bonilla says:

This is my third time back 😂 who else has been watching this video in increments?

Alfredo Cano says:

Imagine copying Android for all these new features😂

Charbana Hill says:

How do I change siri from being fullscreen to compact?? is it just a glitch or is there a setting to make it compact??

ville.crantz says:

Bless this guy

forte says:

I hope Android sue the Fk out of Apple for ripping off their Android Interface.

forte says:

you can only add "APPLE" widgets to the home screen. Thats stupid apple all right. You call that customization

Sadboy- Brawl stars says:

Ooh this looks interes….Raid shadow legends start now for free!

Victor Iliev says:

Actually don't give me back my time

Koray Durgut says:

Everything in AtOmXpLuS

Rafa Zivolo says:

Somebody know how can i automatization my home light's like he did on the video ?

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