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iOS 14 Beta 2 Released – What's New?

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iOS 14 Beta 2 Released – What’s New? | iOS 14 Beta 2 Features & Changes (Review)

Apple released iOS 14 beta 2 to registered developers today, about 2 weeks after WWDC 2020 and the release of beta 1. In this video, we cover all of the new features & changes in iOS 14 beta 2, plus the performance, battery life, and connectivity.

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Size & Build Number
1:21 Storage Fixed?
2:42 New Features & Changes
12:53 Bugs
13:43 Performance
14:25 Battery Life
14:47 Connectivity
15:36 iOS 14 Public Beta
16:07 Conclusion

What do you think of iOS 14 beta 2? Is it a nice improvement for your device?

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Brandon Butch says:

How much storage did you gain back in beta 2? 😆

shaquan michaux says:

It looks like a droid 😞😞

Lil Jojo 14 says:

How do I install it ?

Eli Musix says:

Just wondering if you knew that you could pinch to zoom in and out for the picture in picture videos? On Marques Brownlee’s beta 1 vid he was shown doing that.

Noah0415 says:

I downgraded back to 13.6 couldn’t take it anymore.

yurrbaddiemikylaia says:

So should u get iOS 14 beta 1 or 2

Just a random User says:

This shits taking almost 30gb of my 64gb of storage😂

Meir Cohen says:

Please Brandon, get a life.

Braden Lafler says:

I don’t have a fitness widget

Dr phill says:

where did you get the background,s

d3Ad póòl4602 says:

Is it normal that my battery on my iPhone XR is draining fast on the beta 2 ? Beta 1 the battery life was amazing.

Alejandro Martinez says:

I’m just excited for picture in picture

chase anderson says:

I downloaded the iOS 14 beta profile but it won’t let me install the actual beta,Does anyone know what I need to do?

Aman S says:

They broke more stuff than fixing it lol. Thats my feedback. Phone doesn't search widgets, cannot fill form online on safari because it keeps flickering. Storage is still full. I have a new iPhone SE

fahmida khan says:

I’m waiting for the full release

I literally have like 100gb left-

starstruck says:

i can’t download the update cause i have no storage!

Carlos Anselmi says:

How can I install it ????

Alex Flint says:

Have problems since beta 1 with the ringer. I can no longer turn it up or down, very annoying as I can’t hear when my phone going off as it default on low bar.

Vapeliens says:

Eyoowess 14

Madelynne Herrera says:

How do you get picture and picture to work??? Mine seems to not be working

Matt Sutton says:

How do you get the weather to display like that? Mine just has hourly forecast on my widget, it doesn’t say to expect rain in the next hour or anything?

Italia Ibarra says:

Is the app library customizable?? 🙂

LaniDaDon says:


Kennedi Durant says:

is anybody else’s music not doing what his is showing ?

John Smith says:

Who cares about this stuff. The text is darker…..really…..What a waste of time

Calvin B says:

back tap feature could be improved. slight delay. also had to downgrade to iOS 13 again because my bank app didn't open with iOS 14

Jamie Hays says:

i'm on the first beta and i never knew that you could double tap on the picture in picture but you could use your fingers to make it bigger and smaller and at least on mine i could change the size to whatever i want even between medium and small and medium and large.

Irish Estorosas says:

I still have iOS 13

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