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iOS 14 Beta 2! 60+ New Features/Changes

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iOS 14 Beta 2 Released! Here’s over 60 new features & changes.

Top iOS 14 Features.

Latest iPhone 12 Leaks.

Phone Rebel Cases

Wallpaper used.


Bitch Lasagna says:

I hope that thing with video window be in iPhone7/8 as well

Trullyclout says:

I have iOS 14 on a iPhone 6

Sem Fs says:

Give Me Heart😡😡😡

yasio bolo says:

Apple introduces 4K at 240fps iPhone storage: I’m about to end this man's career.

Ryan O' Connor says:

why i cannot do it through the youtube app?

iamaaronjin says:

Still lags, a few different email clients kept on crashing, overall noticeably slower/laggier than ios13, widgets don't always work as they should, 11 pro max 256gb btw.

Ryan Keeling says:

How did you let YouTube play out of the app I have ios14 and it doesn’t do it for me

Fact Premier Show says:

stay blessed everyone

Apple Unboxed says:

Downloading beta 2 now! Beta 1 has been amazing!!!

Joshua Cervantes says:

If u guys play Fortnite mobile don’t get ios14 since Fortnite doesn’t support it

Charbel Abou Elias says:

Does it work on iphone 6s?

Sheena Wilson says:

I haven’t seen anyone mention the updates with Markup!

Fun TV 22 says:

Brother I want to talk to you through what I can talk to

Brendan Nguyen says:

where the wallpaper from?

Syqtho :P says:

iOS 14 is coming out when I don’t even remember what iOS 10 changed.

NickGJR 98 says:

Bro I’m not able to do Picture in Picture function

Lidija Lazic says:

Hi i have somehow accidentally deleted the new translate app and can’t seem to find it anywhere, do you maybie know a way? Or is it just a bug?

Noah Mehrara says:

will there be third party app widgets?

DHgate Wholesale says:

This is a perfect system. Will this system reduce battery life?

Alexander J says:

Just got it, man its really nice

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