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iOS 14 and all the WWDC updates!

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Here’s a recap of everything announced at WWDC! iOS 14, iPad OS, Watch OS 7, New Mac OS Big Sur and more!
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Deaconnn_ says:

I think i like siri with the whole screen lol

Luis Felipe Mejia says:

No more vídeos the Youtube place

Theo Williams says:

will the old macs lose support quickly

Micah Goldson says:

can someone give me an example of a circumstance where you would use airpods with an apple tv? i just literally can’t think of a reason

Charlotte Nicoll says:

can you do picture on picture with youtube or is it just apple tv

Detective Aaron Nermal Falconsears says:

I hate apple software so much… I own an iphone 7 10 and 4. i like apple phones as of steve jobs…. apple still sucks Stop trying to apprieciate grow of dollar amounts on old iphone from steve jobs… Just make good simple software

Elias Khoury says:

I just realized that during the IOS 14 “trailer” there’s a Twitter widget !!!

Abraham Batista says:

Alot of already Android features

Anslee Willhite says:

Can I actually update my phone without having a bug or a virus or it messed up

Emmanuel Lopez says:

Can I have an iPad for my studies? 🤣

Fernando Garza says:

i feel like i expect too much of 2020 apple releases, but they will not be that great, and i will get dissapointed

Parker Sinnett says:

Me watching on iPadOS 14 public beta 2:👁👄👁

Aaila Qayum says:

Can someone tell me if u can get a Memoji on a iPad mini? And also can u get a Memoji without having to do the message thing?

Leah says:

I WANT ITTT I haven’t got it on my my iPhone 8 yet!!! I neeeeeeeeed the update

Tie MD says:

I added dance to mine from the beginning

Tie MD says:

Yea please review the BMW I was just thinking that

Tom Daniels says:

Dance has always been a workout on mine, I have an Apple Watch series 3 Nike+ and in the other category there’s a dance workout

Gracie Green says:

am i the only one that already had picture in picture cuz i’ve had it since like 2017

Christopher Hayden says:

What kind of MacBook case is that?!

Marzena Wasilewski says:

So… no iPad Air with FaceID? 🥺

Catalina Sanders says:


Elli says:

So the keyless entry thing is cool but so pointless, IMO. A key fob is all you need to enter and start most new cars these days. Dont have to hold it in your hand against the door handle. It could be in your pocket or bag and youre in. As for the limiting where someone can drive, if you need that feature that person should not be driving your car. It's trust. Cant trust ya dont drive my $xx,xxx vehicle.

Josh Roll says:

Should make a video based on the new watch

Josh Roll says:

I’m super keen for the new Apple Watch

Durga Nagaraj says:

which cover do you use for your MacBook Pro that pink one

Ibad Khan says:

Hey ijustine i want iphone X could yo please give me a gift of iphone X.

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