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iOS 14: 8 Tips For Getting Started!

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Apple on September 16th released iOS 14, the newest version of the software that’s designed to run on the iPhone. Apple’s yearly software updates always bring long lists of new features and changes that can make your iPhone feel like a foreign device.

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vliduu zeeb says:

I don’t have those multiple folder things in “jiggly mode” Why

Leon Dutchie says:

Lot’s of boloni that the world does not need in this video was not 1 issue where I would say wow really good… for example make a iPad work with a 32 inch screen?

Johnathan Gonzales says:

This videos was better then the top phone Chanels I've seen hands down

Bryan Rowland says:

how is your apple music logo white?

JRA Aquino says:

Can you help me on my siri activation , i cant activate it ? It because my iphone 8 comes from Canada and its phone unlock and while exploring it my siri did. Ot respond even if i go to the settings that google said it says its quite no voice heard can you help me on thay

Ruley 12 says:

I don’t have the + when I long hold anyone know what to do

afutla qian says:

"Fun Fact": You Can't Breathe while smiling. Joking,Just Wanted To Make You Smile:)))♥️♥️

Илья Н says:

First ios14 tip is – buying battery bank

Viggo Bryant-Frost says:

1) Downgrade to iOS 13

Mix-Ou Soy says:

Ho niiiiicceeee un iPhone-droid!!!!

senni bgon says:

I don’t have those multiple folder things in “jiggly mode” Why

Victor Mantilla says:

Actually the ios14 is a flop 🙄

Pramit Basnyat says:

i thought they called it the jiggle mode, not jiggly mode

Gyri GNB says:

Why I don’t have in safari “translate to English”?

sTrAnGeR tHiNgS says:

Ok ok but Samsung did this year's ago, and it is much easier to use. Samsung for life

butti fdft says:

I didn’t get my iOS 14 yet

Andrei Craciun says:

Batery dead iOS 14…👎

Malcolm place says:

worst video ever, totally unhelpful and too fast, we have not seen this so how can you skim over things so fast and expect us to comprehend it all.

Nathan Cannell says:

Thank you for not making the video 10 mins

Samru Afridi says:

Guys before downloading this you should try it on a phone or iPad that you don’t really use, you should see if it’s too problematic or not. There have been many claims of that there are too many nugs

Mom says:

if it wasn't for this video, I wouldn't have even KNOWN there was an update, and this was 4 DAYS AGO! And I have "automatic updates"

Agam Singh says:

I have a better video for iOS 14 come watch Yi

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