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iOS 14.2 Beta 1 Released! Everything New

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iOS 14.2 Beta 1 released with 10+ features/changes. Gorgeous new now playing & airplay interface, Shazam toggle in Control Center & more! Is iOS 14.2 destined for the iPhone 12?

iOS 14 Final Review!

iPhone 12 Pro & AirTags Final Design Leaks!

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Wallpaper Used.


Masked Yt says:

When is your boss making a no notch iphone!!

The Jaunpur Dialogues says:

I have beta profile but do not get any notifications of 14.2 beta version for download

Rashad Adams says:

What case are those ? I like them .

Arjan Binaku says:

Can someone help me when i try to update my phone it says unable to check for update i have cydia but i cant delete it since i dont have uncover and cant install it someone please help

Rebel084 says:

IOS 14 is the reason why switching to a IPhone

Chrisara xo says:

Soundhound is better 1:19

karthik p says:

Imp and my fav thing almost all yters didnt notice, You unlock your phone to same home screen you locked it into. Like you have 3 home screens and you locked your phone on middle screen, when you unlock its Middle one you unlock to.

Masons- Hyper-163 says:

Why haven’t I got this on my iPhone XR yet

Fatima Kharroub says:

I want i iphone 11pro

Andy Lee says:

i hate the app library tbh i wish I could hide that too

Darren Wong says:

Any idea the source for screensaver / wallpaper EAP used on his monitor?

Emily Hernandez says:

Someone help me please?????


Idk why iOS feels so smooth I used top android with 120 hz etc but iOS is just so smooth in animation

Lucas Mello says:

Is it just me, or the weather widget looks totally different than this? 2:48

Carlos Primo says:

It's stupid how it doesn't work for Spotify but it does for Apple Music ;(

Manas Manu says:

New iPhone update?

Craig O says:

So much more with the widgets. Ie drag supported apps and remove photos, music, weather and keep/ add the ones I want. Also peek and pop – no more swipe up for new tab. Need more work.

iCed says:

What about the bug ? 🤨

Emily Hernandez says:

Someone HELP ME I I CANT SEND VIDS TO PPL WHO DONT HABE IPHONES I RESETED MY Phone 2 times and it’s still doing ten same thing and when I have to put my password in the numbers are on top of the screen!!!!!

BebaHaid says:

Will it fix camera problems with older models

Clare _ says:

Didn’t iOS 14 just come out?

[Insert Name Here] says:

Perhaps this will make up for the lack of iPhone 12

joshua gassmann says:

iOS is turning into android and no one wants to admit it


I am not sure but he is coming up with non sense content video these days. We need quality not quantity bro

Laksh Jadwani says:

What’s handwashing?

Lady says:

Hi ! Is there reachability function in ios 14?

patman says:

My camera wasn't working since I have updated to ios 14 I hope this newer update fix that

tanzie brown says:

Did it come out Fr

Ahamed Saniul Maheraj says:

If I want to update my iPhone 7 with iOS 14 will it good for my device ? Please answer @EAP

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