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iOS 13 Beta 1 – What's New?

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iOS 13 Beta is finally available to all developers with the Public Beta coming in July. iOS 13 brings major changes such as dark mode, a huge redesign for iPad OS 13, photos, CarPlay, and much much more. I go over all the major changes with iOS 13. #iOS13 #iOS #Apple #iPhone

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:10 – When does it come out?
00:28 – Supported devices
00:40 – How to install
01:00 – Performance
01:30 – Dark mode
02:00 – Wallpaper
02:45 – Battery
03:31 – Fonts
03:50 – Keyboard
04:30 – Volume HUD
05:00 – Accessibility
05:30 – Messages
06:15 – Animoji and Memoji
08:13 – Photos
10:20 – Share Sheet
10:45 – Music
11:45 – Health
12:20 – Safari
13:05 – Mail
13:40 – Notes
14:40 – Gestures
15:12 – Reminders
15:58 – Apple Login
16:45 – HomeKit
17:20 – Camera
17:54 – CarPlay
18:08 – Settings
18:35 – Siri
19:15 – AR Kit
20:02 – Privacy
20:22 – Maps
20:44 – Find My
22:35 – Shortcuts
23:02 – Files
23:35 – Conclusion
24:42 – Outro
25:04 – End

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Joshua Miller says:

iOS 13 has turned out to be the worst iOS release ever. Crippling widespread bugs with EVERY UPDATE.

Wasif Khan Vlogs says:

Who’s here from iOS 14 beta 1

Firat Acur says:

Did people really worry that the original SE won‘t get iOS 13 back then? I mean I bought the SE 2 to get loong updates. I never heard that Apple supports devices less than 5 years.. SE 2016 will get iOS 14 and after that still 1 year security updates.. 2016-2021 is very good

ペルソナ says:

he got a TESLA i see that tesla app

Crux Interfacing Solutions says:

Great video, we will be at CES please subscribe to our channel!

Adam Miller says:

Are you able to send and receive sms messages on ur iPad os with Wi-Fi? If my phone is dead or off now I can’t get or send sms.. in the past I could always do this

Denzel Branzuela says:

My "light mode" wallpaper is not working on my iPhone 7

unravel the world says:

Plz help,i have the problem with the messages it just says waiting for activation. Hel plz this is suck

Aaron Vasquez says:

Anyone else having issues with Siri for the iOS 13 beta? I try to activate “hey Siri” and it just pops up with a keyboard instead of waiting for me to ask her a question

Nawlram says:

I just want to know regarding photos. Im still irritated by this until now. Can you already move photos totally to another folder and not just copying it? I know its a bit android-ish but its just that i like my photos and videos to be organize and not a mess like ios does.

donkeykrong says:

How do I change the orientation on my iPhone 6s? I tried going in the settings, but nothing works.

Jethro Chan says:

I secretly downloaded iOS 13 on the school iPad

Misdhaaque Ahmed says:

Unable to change the time format on iOS 13.2 beta – always shows 24hrs format

Kelly Lynn O’Neil says:

Best iOS Beta 13 developer video out there! Thanks!

MysticMaven says:

You are great and you’re one of the few YouTubers that I actually know how Apple’s stuff works. What app do you use to edit your videos by the way? I like it!

MysticMaven says:

Wow this looks amazing! I’m especially excited for the new photos app!

Veronica Serrato says:

awesome video like always I enjoyed it you’re the best.

Jeffrey Thomas says:

So after this we can download heavy game without WiFi??

Psicologia e Tecnologia says:

Any news about text recognition on pictures and handwriting on Notes?

Gabi Sanchez says:

What month does the download come out for the rest of ussss😭😩

s o p h i e says:

Can u do a video about how to download ios 13 on iPhone xsmax?!

Владимир Романтеев says:

Does work 2 pairs Airpods on ios 13 on iPhone 6s?

Glenn Upgraded says:

Can external hard drive and ssd work with the iphone now?

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