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iOS 13.6 Released – What's New?

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iOS 13.6 Released – What’s New? | iOS 13.6 Features, Changes, Performance, Battery Life & Bug Fixes (Review)

Apple just released iOS 13.6 to the general public after over a month of being on iOS 13.5.1. In this review video, we cover what’s new in 13.6, which includes CarKey, new software update settings, new Health Symptoms features, bug fixes & more.

We will also discuss the battery drain and performance of iOS 13.6, which were not the greatest on iOS 13.5.1, especially on older devices like the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6S.

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0:00 Intro
0:19 Size, Build #
1:11 Features & Changes
6:09 VPN bug fixed?
6:56 Security Updates
7:09 iOS 13.6 Performance
8:36 iOS 13.6 Battery Life
10:07 Should You Update?
11:18 Outro

Are you going to update to 13.6? Or are you staying on 13.5.1 or iOS 14 beta?

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Brandon Butch says:

iOS 13 gang! Hopefully this fixes battery drain for you!

Aiden Schmudde says:

Thank god the battery drain bug is fixed. Either my phone would have normal battery drain, will stay on the same percentage for a long period of time or it would drain like crazy (usually happens if the battery stays on the same percentage)

Kevin DLS says:

2:09 they spelled trunk wrong lol it reads “Truck”

Kevin DLS says:

2:09 they spelled trunk wrong lol it reads “Truck”

Brandon Flores says:

Since updating my battery has drained quicker

soulfull kaleb says:

Dang can u send me one of those phones😭I still got my 6s and everytime I looking for a new phone they all out send me pweeessee

Justice _YT says:

Imagine saying 10xs instead of Xs

Reinaldo Gonzalez says:

What about fixing that "other" storage issue apple?

Bumxr says:


Carlos K says:

Who’s using generation 5 iPad, that’s also using IOS 13.6 because I am

Matthew Sider says:

I’m sorry here lots of problems glitching out 13.6 not good 14 is better..
What people are not telling you is Apple
TV is good but 13.6 is wast to do this?
Here is lot’s error on Apple TV
Lasting is not that stable is not true

Matthew Sider says:

I don’t like this software is a waste from Apple should be ISO 14 it’s sucks

Raie The Fanti Bae says:

I updated my phone yesterday to whatever the latest iOS was at that time (think it was iOS14). The update deleted 8000 of my pictures including all but 3 pictures of my daughters birth. I can’t even explain how pissed i was. Finally fixed that by reverting back to the previous iOS but now I have NO idea how to update my apps and i can’t seem to get Netflix and instagram working properly🙄

JinnChino The Noob King says:

I lost my settings app in settings, I’m unable to clear all history data now

Thinking Out Loud says:

lol why does he pronounce it "I-U-S"

The Super Z Family Vlog says:

I was wondering if the update was causing issues with my battery.

Great video and straight to the point, we’ll done.

Predator Gaming says:

I cant intall it bc its said
You can intall this update when your Iphone is finished restoring from the icloud back up
What should i do

Testingcharli YouTube official says:

Wait so it’s safe ?

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