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iOS 13.4 GM is Out! – What's New?

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iOS 13.4 GM or iOS 13.4 Beta 6 has been released to developers ahead of the Public release. Along with iOS 13.4 GM, Apple has also released iPad OS 13.4 GM to developers with some very nice changes to keyboard and mouse input along with updates to mail, CarPlay, files, keyboards, Memoji and more. Apple also released watchOS 6.2 GM along with updated betas of macOS and Apple TV OS. Today Apple announced new iPads Pro, MacBook Air, updates to Mac mini and new spring iPhone case colors as well. In this video I show you all the changes in iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4. #ios13 #iPhone #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:43 – macOS, watchOS updates released
00:59 – Size
01:20 – Build number
01:35 – New features and changes
06:22 – iPadOS 13.4
09:00 – Bug fixes and resolved issues
11:46 – Performance
11:58 – Battery Health
12:05 – Battery Life
12:43 – Performance on older devices
13:46 – Benchmarks
14:37 – Conclusion
14:59 – Wallpaper
15:12 – Outro
15:22 – End
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Mahmoud Paydar says:

Apple needs to really have a dedicated AirPods Pro update page so I can frequently update my AirPods Pro to the most recent firmware update

Vinodkumar SS says:

Which VPN are you using btw?

Rap Seex says:

When i update my iphone xr to 13.4? Its always lag and you cant lock or unlock it . And always on black screen πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ Please fix this issue. We are updating our ios for the better. Not for worst πŸ˜”

Ola Odubiyi says:

They’ve also brought down the the status bar in the control centre on iPhones without the notch to where it is on the iPhone X and later!

forgewire says:

There is nothing new. The crappy shared contacts menu is still there.

Ardit Xhafolli says:

i want this wallpaper plz

Trevor Alaine says:

I UN-BRICKED the iPhone X. Rebooted with quick press on volume up, release then-quick press volume down, release – then hold down opposite button until apple logo appears. Battery was 3% after reboot.

Trevor Alaine says:

I am SOLIDLY BRICKED after one day of IOS 13.4 on my iPhone X. It's stuck frozen stiff in the ap switcher showing overlapping opened apps. Battery is freshly charged. No button presses do anything. No iTunes connection possible. icloud from PC says device offline. Right now I am waiting for the battery to die. Hopefully it will reset after charging when battery is dead, hours from now. Phone is warm to touch. I tried putting in the freezer to hasten dead battery state, but it's generating it's own warmth, so will need to wait for hours. Any advice?

Owen wade says:

The screen is so satisfying to look at ooh

Movaquadzy Marlove says:

Vpn thing already exist on 13.3.1

Bob says:

Tv app crashes when I press family sharing

Jesus Lopez says:

the VPN this is old

siliciy1 says:

iOS 12.4.6 is also out!

omargod23 says:

Speaking? Aaron or Alec Baldwin?

Warren Gibson says:

More and more options and features. Devices are taking over. I want my black rotary phone back.

marius mienie says:

Can you do a video how to get photos of a i phone to any other device

firefistbabit says:

whats the use of touch screen in ipad if u r going to use trackpad ..useless invention

Arjun Sharma says:


Which is the best YouTuber video regarding the Macos update?

brpwns says:

I never get the red notification for Instagram. I noticed his phone has that.

Phan VΔƒn NguyΓͺn says:

i have some issue with ipad pro 2017, can not use mouse to see multitasking screen

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