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iOS 13.3.1 is Out! – What's New?

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iOS 13.3.1 is out to everyone on iOS 13 supported devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPad OS 13.3.1. iOS 13.3.1 bring new privacy features for Wideband location technology, and fixes issues with photos, mail, FaceTime, Notifications, CarPlay and more. In this video I cover all the new features, updates and fixes that come with iOS 13.3.1 and go over battery life, performance and benchmarks. I also talk about iOS 13.4 and iOS 14. Apple also released updates to watchOS, macOS, Apple TV and HomePod today. If you were wondering if you should install iOS 13, now is the time. #ios13 #iPhone

Powerbeats 4 icon source – https://www.macrumors.com/2020/01/28/ios-13-3-1-powerbeats-4-images/

iOS 13.3 (All Videos) playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoNw8g0EEF7PnrwT3KfsivYbDKJz3wDNS

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***Time Codes***
00:17 – How to update to iOS 13.3.1
00:32 – Size
00:56 – Going from the beta to public version
01:18 – Build number
01:37 – macOS, watchOS, tvOS and HomePod updates released
2:10 – Modem and carrier updates
02:32 – New features and bug fixes
02:43 – Apple TV App
03:03 – PowerBeats 4
03:28 – Screen Time
03:51 – Privacy and Location
04:53 – Photos with Deep Fusion
05:27 – Mail
06:23 – FaceTime
06:55 – Notifications
07:20 – CarPlay
08:00 – iPad OS
08:19 – Battery Health
08:57 – Battery Life
09:36 – Performance
10:22 – Benchmarks
11:28 – iOS 13.4 release and iOS 14
11:57 – Conclusion
12:01 – Wallpaper
12:13 – Outro
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iOS 14 – Supported Devices, Refinement and Features – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1h5c9oKRJM

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5 AirPod Tips and Features You Might Not Know

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Chrstphre Campbell says:

There is a very odd bug with The Speaking Feature ( reading books ) in which some of The Voices mispronounce words like Lunatic – pronounced something like $# something something, It also occasionally switches to a foreign voice for speical words, then Doesn't switch back ! ?

Melanie Dreaming says:

Ive updated my ios device, but none of the updates come up, like the new emojis. Im confused and i dont know what to do

Cup Of Tae, With a Kookie, and Suga says:

Someone tell me how to fix this! Everytime I plug my headphones siri comes up and when I'm watching youtube Siri randomly comes on and any slight movement I do on my phone Siri keeps coming up and I cant get her to stop! HELP PLEASE

Alina Palmera says:

Nothings special 🗑🗑🗑

Mark Ashraf says:

great video dear , can you please tell me the name of the wallpaper on the iphone 11 pro max 😀 or appreciate if you can send it to me 🙂 thank you in advance

fitri 88 says:

Im still on 13.2.3..should i update??im using my iphone11 for 1 months..btw everything is good now..

Br0WLy OP says:

Hello ..why touch is not responding when i play games with 5 fingers.and if touch it together with 5 while playing it dsnt responds

Samy_06 says:

Can I safely install this update on my iPhone 11 Pro Max which is currently running on iOS 13.3?

DRI Blast says:

My battery was working perfect until I updated my phone!

Julia says:

How do I uninstall it? I don’t trust apple and it downloaded without my consent, plus when I pressed “disagree” it just brought me back to the continue button.

nishurocks2010 says:

This guy has tesla

nishurocks2010 says:

This guy has tesla

SARJ says:

My iphone 7 plus is working so good so far with this update.

Her Destiny22 says:

My iPhoneXR just updated to iOS 13.3.1 today😂I do wonder how far Apple will allow my phone to update to. Like an iPhone 6 can’t handle iOS 13…how far will my XR go?

GypsyAdventures says:

Just want to know.
Does this ring on incoming calls?
Do you get notifications when you get a text?
Getting frustrated with Apple this is uncalled for a phone.
Missing extremely important calls.

Subscribe for free damp pickles says:

Then skip the video every 5 seconds ”PrOFiLE PrOFilE PRoFIlE”

GBLynden's RC says:

This didn’t tell me anything I was looking for…..

Drew4078 says:

I can’t find the update for my iPad?

Daniel Sin says:

This iOS update has been terrible for cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. My WiFi keeps going back and forth between cellular and WiFi. My AirPods take forever to connect or don’t connect at all

Mark Anthony Acoba says:

My newly bought iphone was getting hot before this update. But 13.3.1 fixed my battery drain and getting hot issue. So i was so thankful. I won't be updating my phone until ios 14 because of this.

Aleydoesgacha;-: Duh says:

How do u enable sms in my phone it doesn’t have the option to put on sms

Zane Andi says:

My ipad has problem with black screen after update to ios 13.3.1. Already forced restart and erase setting and connect with itunes but still the same. How to fih this?

Pedro Cruz says:

Whem i update mine to 13.3.1 and went to general i could not see the profile setting is anyone else having this bug

Craig Taylor says:

I’m never buying an iPhone again. They’re making it harder to use, it won’t give me the print icon

Greg Spence says:

I don’t think this was the update but when using the zoom to fill feature on YouTube the screen zooms a lot less making for less of the video being cropped out. Best feature I think

Loren Richardson says:

I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that I updated but as soon as I updated my IPhone 11’s battery has been messed up….it charges wayyy to fast.(It’s unormal) It also dies quicker than before.

Todoroki Is A Beast! says:

Should I update if I still have a iPhone 6s Plus or no?

Michael Bell says:

My battery life on my 11 Pro Max has been terrible since I went from 13.2 to 13.3.1 My battery health also dropped from 100% to 98%. Thanks a lot Apple

Dr Silva says:

My battery literally turned to mush after this update. Can’t even turn on without being plugged in. My iPhone has become a television 📺

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