ImDontai Reacts To DDG iCarly Freestyle

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In Honor Of MajinCarp

Intro Song


PO Box 56230
Virginia Beach, Va 23456



333ent. says:

ddg hard! if u say otherwise u jus hatin

supy says:

It was funny when he said any ayy

qyza toast says:

He scamed people by telling them his to get mony on only fans

Jayden Quezada says:

You should react to OHGEESY his new song is fire 🔥🔥🔥

skezi ay non says:

what song is this on dontai intro

Xluted says:

fortnite poggers

Finkinator says:


Nba YoungBoy says:

Dontai Funny ash

Nba YoungBoy says:


Moral Truth says:

DDG: Made a quarter million dollars on my OnlyFans

That one guy in chat: LINK?

Logan Morris says:

Man I miss the old intro

Saif Alali says:

Get in the ring with tenner fox

Toka 5k says:

My Nigga Mood changed when Ddg sad"made a quater million off onlfans" wait this nigga got a only fans lmmmfaoooooooooooo

ILuvSxnny says:

DDG should box scarlxrd imo, he's another YouTuber become rapper and I think there around the same weight class, scar is relatively fit like him and I'd watch that but yet again I highly doubt that'll ever happen considering how different they are.

Nxte O says:

Wait till dontai finds out about the other Icarly song

Harper Bennet says:

Xanman did it first 😭

Avatar aang says:

The beginning is trash

Abeo 100 says:

Dontai should so fight ddg

yung goblin says:

Video starts at 2:50

Aiden Cook says:

Ddg is a walking W

urmom says:

After ddg mentions his only fans dontais reaction was so late 😂😂😂

McBliviouzZ says:

niggas finding out ddg got a only fans😭😭

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