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Jason Hausch says:

Your my favorite 2 hype member keep up the hard work!👍

Khyler A says:

Ight since we being technical cash is fouling brawdis every time he drives you can’t chicken wing a nigga bro . If you gone back somebody down, give him your shoulder not your arm

Nisrine Karam says:

Kenny plzz reply I will appreciate

JJ TV says:

no cap kenny no adds to this video bc u were there u already watched the game

Postit Randomly says:

Wish I could’ve bet on cash too! #EasyMoney

HiIam Ty says:

ya don’t play basketball cash doing that arm thing is not a foul now if he’s pushing with his arm it’s a foul but you can do that

HiIam Ty says:

bro that’s not a foul that’s defense

Kevin Lopez says:

Kenny's new years resolution, no more pointing at people and no more burping on camera.

Umar Farouk says:

10:05 that’s a foul. Cash fouls almost every time

Saheb Singh says:

Who else came here just to see Kenny reaction to the burping?

Michael Mclaughlin says:

Bro the reason it looks like cash is hacking is just cuz he’s way stronger and brawadis is weak. Being a bodybuilder who also plays ball I get the same shit from most ppl I play that have no muscle mass. Brawadis is driving right into cash’s chest and bouncing off of him he’s not pushing it’s just the small body can’t take the contact. It’s not cash’s fault brawadis is trying to run into a brick wall. If cash drove in on brawadis the same way brawadis is driving into cash he would literally run him the fuck over every time.

Jetway Jay says:

Who time stamped the burps

fabian espino says:

Cash ain’t fouling that boy Brawadis need to hit the gym and stop playing soft

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