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I Watched EVERY Anime in Winter 2023

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We sequels only now.

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Hebi tan says:

is he going to make a tier list for winter 2023?

notRowan says:

bros worse than my sister at speaking Japanese and she quit japanese Saturday school at the age of 10

Gamers In Hell says:

so the anime with nick 24:19, IS SOOO GOOD.
I have no clue why they put idol crap in its trailer. Its there for literally 2 mins and gone. He goes to a idle show, it cures his depression, and then we have a really good fantasy rpg show where a group of party members cant trust each other and its practically every rpg videogame youve played where to level up your characters you have to increase relationship and fusion to kill shit. This is Xenoblade. This is disgea. This is tales of zestria. Just give it 2 episodes. He keeps in contact with the idol… its not even a main plot. Shes just there for emotional support… this is not an idol show. Shes actaully a good character. SO MUCH of this show has great writing and really good depth and background characters too. this is not a generic isekai crap. Its good for anyone really struggling with emotional connections. IE- all of anime watchers. lmao. I am in pain.

Venz Mamolo says:

it was tms entertainment who made REBT A GARBAGE

Suto says:

Vinland saga is goated

Andros ingdo says:

Bungou stray dogs is goated

jay says:

Sugar apple fairy tail is a: must watch

简澜 says:

16:00 Let me tell you, woman who self fulfilling using table only exist in otaku and masochist, that degenerate sh*t don’t feel good and anything, if you rub soft fabric it’s much better. Don’t ask me why I know it.

Kimani Eric says:


Luiz Reyes2 says:

Garnt asked English in vinlandsaga here you go hahahaha… sorry..

Scruby McBubble says:

I guess this isnt my audience? 27:50 One of the best shows in the season getting overshadowed by Garnt talking about "how sus, these children" gonna be in the show above it and thennn SKIP… What? OKEY LETZ SKIP THE REAL SHOWS TO TALK ABOUIT MORE FETISH CONTENT??? 🤦‍♂🤬

Usama Malik says:

Lol Miri from Buddy Daddies not only beat Anya, she knocked her in the first round

Aditya kumar says:

You skipped tsurune

MiniWhiteDragon says:

Nagatoro is a wholesome show. I refuse to believe otherwise.

TheFourthWinchester says:

God, so many anime and I watch none.

Oleksii Badaiev says:

This season is like a necromancer, reviwing some OG titles in a new form:

New Card – Cardcaptor Sakura for non-children
Hikari no Ou – a weird mix of Shakugan no Shana with esthetics of Shinsekai iori
Hyoken…Suberu – Zero no Tsukaima rebranded
Nokemonotachi no Yoru – genderbent Spice and Wolf

MAG says:

Trigun stampede deserves the attention

ka darwin says:

16:21 Garnt trying to gross Sydney out and getting reverse UNO'd 💀💀💀💀

synthiandrakon says:

The thing that really sucks about the exocist anime is that the characters backstory world is way cooler than the isekai world

synthiandrakon says:

The trouble with farming isekai is that no author can just commit to a slice of life about being a farmer. They always have magic powers and they always end up doing a fuck tonne of fighting anyway. Its because a lot of basic ass lightnovel authors can't fathom a form of conflict that isn't fighting, not every isekai protagonist needs to become the king and fight the demon lord, plus it always has to be a weird harem. Why can't he be a normal famer who idk uses knowledge from our world to become a decently successful farmer and that be the show.

Helmut Bencze says:

will there be a spring 2023 video?

DS says:

I'm high on High Card right now.

Tony Stark says:

What are you doing here? It's 3AM. Get some sleep.

Baguisi, Jhon Arnel P. says:

Is this the guy who thinks EVA is the best anime of all time?😂 He definitely doesn't know what his talking about

Mr do it all says:

on his book marks,there is one called:zero two and…….

Mr do it all says:

anyone else see that one he searched up highcard,he had incognito mode on

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