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I Transformed the Nether Portal in Minecraft Hardcore (#9)

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I transformed the nether portal in minecraft hardcore

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Video Inspiration: @sandiction

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Music provided by Epidemic Sound

Music also provided by Kevin Macleod is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Source: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io


NotNotBrock says:

hey gamers i hope you love this video, it's one of my favorites 🙂 also gfuel is 30% off this weekend with my link and code!!!

PatIsAwesome says:

I think julien azelart stole the thumbnail and most of the design

Queen honey says:


Matthew says:

Your editing is legendary mate

Raymundo Martinez says:

Is this dude cheating ? Like idk I just been noticing small things like how he digs a bit than boom just have stacks in he’s inventory this just seems like the amount of blocks he’s placing isn’t adding up for the amount blocks it’s been broken also he checks he’s inventory really fast and always has a perfect 64 in each stack

The Redstone Master says:

You mentioned not to use iron for becan

Jessica N Jaelove says:

im not gonna kill em or anything, proceeds to kill the villagers

Hoxf says:

bro ive been looking for this song forever what is the song at 2:50

Ryan Beauchamp says:

You are awesome

Kyle Odenthal says:

Lol I literally watched this live on TikTok last night and fell asleep to it

Shubham shorts1 says:

How to download your world for free

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