I Trained Like A Bodybuilder For 90 Days

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For the last 90 days I trained like a bodybuilder! I tracked my macros, hit the squats, deadlifts, bench press, and made some bodybuilder gains!

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This was my 90 day body transformation using weights as well as some bodyweight workouts mixed in as well. deadlifting helped fill my lowerback and squats helped me make gains on my legs. Bench press boosted my pec strength and size. I had to learn how to lift weights from popular fitness youtubers and it worked!



Brandon William says:

Hope this helped motivate you guys! I’d appreciate it if you smashed that like! 🔥❤️

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Michael May says:

what gym do u go to

Borteks says:

what tf what he doing at 5:22

Kushalappa C A says:

Guys who already look like bodybuilders training like body builders and comparing the difference…. We need more people like this.

Naglis says:

OMG you said hello in lithuanian wow 🤩

Yes says:

Nice video🔥🔥🔥

Isaiah Wertz says:

Good shit dude

Joanne Maraffino says:

Am I the only one That’s asking why is his foot on fire

0_0 2 says:

3:57 the struggle that girl was in trying to lift that lol

DBS 21 says:

I’m jealous of those veins

Dayna Bramblett says:

Great motivation, thank successful body transformation, you must be hard motivated and train people forget that diet is more important than, diet is 70% and training is 30%, that's the you are a be

valge klaar says:

next trink like a russian for 90 days

Ignacio Campos says:

you started benching 125% percent you body weight, I wouldn't consider that "pretty weak" damn

A.L. Lyubove says:

I stopped at Jeff Cavaliere

lukasbarkauskas123 says:

Im from lithuania

Thomas Needham says:

How tall are you? 153 pounds seems small for his height

Hayden Wolf says:

This is giving me so much inspiration

jdogjosh says:

lots of progress bro keep it going

Stepheon Coles says:

I commend you, you are killing it. Have you thought about a fit to fat and back to fit again challenge.

Freedomboy006 says:

I personally know a bunch of orthopedic back surgeons that say to not squat with heavy weights on your shoulder /back

I used to have back pain and I stopped squatting with weights on my shoulders and my back pain is basically done

ARUHITO77 says:

Your main sell point is that you looks totally normal but with high commitment. You start youtube at part that see a progress stage so its feels so motivated and i want to see you keep grinding that muscles too.

46.56.A. says:

I'm hoping no one set the socks they're wearing on fire.

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