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I Survived 100 Days on a RAFT in Minecraft Hardcore!

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I Survived 100 Days on a RAFT in Minecraft Hardcore!
30,000 Likes and I’ll release another 100 Days Movie! (or the actual Raft video game) 🙂

INTRO SONG – Softwilly, Yung Kage, – Olivia


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MAP DOWNLOAD: https://www.9minecraft.net/raftblock-map/


0:00 Intro
01:34 Day 1
18:17 Day 10
32:03 Day 20
42:56 Day 30
57:17 Day 40
1:09:49 Day 50
1:20:42 Day 60
1:31:22 Day 70
1:46:11 Day 80
2:00:32 Day 90

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Skyes says:

https://youtu.be/_0wm_OoU_V4 200 DAYS ON A RAFT IS LIVE RIGHT NOW! GO CHECK IT OUT!!

Snake army says:

How did he have exactly 6 stacks of sand and his 1 shovel was barely damaged and iron shovels can only collect 3 stacks that's half of what he had how? on day 16

Bob says:

Day 83, keep it the way it is. Kinda like it.

7clanlink says:

how did you add the sharks and other animals?

Bob says:


ya boi max says:

You shift and then you place the block

Not your mom says:

Day 83 house is ugly but no hate

Nuketonic Gameplay says:

You can make chest boats to move a lot more stuff when going out exploring

Ghost says:

he really dropped the potato instead of sand 57:50

Sammie says:

Not everyone who makes videos or even most minecrafters could pull off these type of videos. Alot of the couldn't get decent watch time on the because some are just way to boring lol. I like your personality and think your decently funny, well you make me laugh and I don't laugh or smile much at all.

That1_Vr_Guy says:

I live and breathe survival games and Raft is the only 10/10 survival game I've played

Tristen Sloan says:

Should've put water on the second level of the mob spawner to push mobs into the water for your drop chute

Mckenna “McKenna” Labrosciano says:

What was the texture pack you used

Sawyer says:

100 days in the legend of Zelda

Linzee Lamb says:

51:23 that is something called a bobbit worm you should look it up for a detailed explanation

Lofi's Corner 💚 says:


kitten of windowsill :3 says:

Is this video real time?

Violetsak gaming says:

The dock looks like a spork thing

Fandom's Obsessed says:

i don t know alot about fish but my qustion is it ia asaosom but does it hurt

YouTuberwatcher47 says:

What’s the shader

pattatta uwu says:

who let this man cook??? he poisoned the whole restaurant /j

Darkhart173 says:

Day 83 the house is perfect i love it a lot🎉❤🎉

Spooky says:

What shader is that

Teeshirtx6 NIGGA! says:

Please stop using slabs for your mob farms

Hariz Ikmal says:

Does this mod doesnt allow you to make boat? I was thinking why he doesnt build a bout to take the item..

S72 says:

Wow it looks like a luxury hotel

skyla wineera says:

only dry kelp i think

David Silva says:

I need this modpack asap

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