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I Survived 100 Days in a Nuclear Winter on Minecraft.. Here's What Happened..

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I Survived 100 Days in a Nuclear Winter on Minecraft.. Here’s What Happened..
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I had 3 objectives in this “100 Days of Hardcore Minecraft in a Nuclear Winter” video. Objective 1: Craft full ‘Predatious Armor’ and a Noxious Greatblade’. Objective 2: Eliminate the Mutated Warden. Objective 3: Defeat the Ancient Dreadnaut.

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Forrestbono says:

Thanks so much for watching! Make sure to join our community Discord and maybe make some new friends! ➜

rebecca mahony says:

Haha he realise that it infect mobs and before he ran into a zombie parasite

Mr.KING69 says:

i really want to play that mode but i dont know how to install it:( anyways perfect video!

Anne Namia says:

Your the best

Stephanie Steines says:

Looks like you had some mobs from the parasite mod

Willis Liu says:

Nice video dude keep it up

Kirby says:

is basically
the story of Blaster Master Zero but without tanks

Oluwatoyin Komolafe says:

Why do you always use everything as your advantage

Oluwatoyin Komolafe says:

Why do you always hold pickaxe when you have uploaded your video

Jackson Baer says:

He was right next to the explosion

Kubík Fiala says:

why did i watch this at 3am…

Maricel Li says:

Parasite mod

Bart Swartjes says:

Parasiteren are disgusting eeuuwww🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Yuri Pantoja says:

The guy that is bald is painful a YouTuber

The Shadow says:

Spoilers but those mutated mobs you encountered are from the parasite mod in minecraft because I played the mod before its so hard

Yuri Tolentino says:

Its parasite mod pack

Sunita's SAI Kitchen says:

Nice shearing

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