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I Survived 100 Days as a WEREWOLF in Minecraft

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►Episode – I Survived 100 Days as a WEREWOLF in Minecraft


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Brent Trahan says:

i used to hunt dogs

Regina Chungu says:

Can you make 100 days as a cheetah

Terence Francisco says:

Awesome awoooooooooooooooooo

Carter says:

What about the dogs 😭

Kidhulk_13 says:

Bro it's Zach wants to play video games then what is he doing right now

Kaelin Hines says:

the horse spinning in 13:32 got me rolling on the floor

Samantha Angell says:

Werewolves rule🐺

Daphne PAPILLON says:

Hey your is in the wood

Daphne PAPILLON says:

Your wolf you left they

Misrak Wondimu says:

Why is jerry hunting you, he is a 🐁 from tom and jerry

Twarlight Hunter says:

'Do mobs attack me?' wait 'i guess not..'
Skelliton 'realy' shoot
'oh, spoke to soon'
thanks for the vid! its awsome!

Fantstar says:

Can you us the plug in

Vickie crum says:

What does unicorn man look like in real life

Nicole Childs says:


nodari gugava says:

i need 2 part with more rules it will be interested

Bec says:

Cool but you should still do something about a blaze

Michel Jhon Walky says:

We're is your dogs 🐶

Marquavais Curney says:

Do a 100 days as dr.strange vs 100 hunters

Firenator Gaming says:

How did you go mutiplayer on howling moon mod?

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