I Ranked Every Battlefield Game in a Tier List

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The Battlefield franchise, one of the greatest FPS series ever created, has been around for 20+ years now. In this video, I ranked every single Battlefield game in the history of the franchise into a Tier List. We’re looking at the whole package here: single player, multi player, graphics, and fun level.

This video serves as both a historical look at the franchise, attempting to tell the story of the history of Battlefield games, as well as giving my own personal opinion on which games were incredible and which ones missed the mark. Soon we’ll be able to add Battlefield6 to this list!

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Special thanks to all of these amazing channels for having historical Battlefield game footage to feature in the video. This project wouldn’t have been possible without channels like this on YouTube. Please go check them out and support them!


0:00 Intro
0:13 Battlefield 1942
1:48 Battlefield Vietnam
3:17 Battlefield 2
5:38 Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
6:34 Battlefield 2142
8:39 Battlefield: Bad Company
10:26 Battlefield Heroes
11:46 Battlefield 1943
12:57 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
14:28 Battlefield Online
15:25 Battlefield Play4Free
16:33 Battlefield 3
18:33 Battlefield 4
21:29 Battlefield Hardline
23:27 Battlefield 1
26:47 Battlefield V

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Blu3wolfik_ says:


Getdeleted33 says:

BF3's iconic gameplay was very well known at the time but sadly it got overtaken by BF4 just recently! but Bf2042 is also really good as far as graphics and gameplay in general, but nothing can beat BF3 memories with buddies am I wrong?

Getdeleted33 says:

Him at 29:00: i wish there was another modern day game that came out.

Me: ohhhh boy! you just wait a few months and you'll love the next battlefield trust me!

рак гей says:

I played battlefield heroes since i was 4
It was the best game ever

R O says:

I have so many good memories from BF4…

Ian Torres says:

Bf5 is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played, unfortunate the marketing was horrible it seems so weird after bf1 the best marketing ever

W affle says:

BF3 music starts playing, i see the game play scenes, the memorys kickin back in, goosebumps O_O

Don't talk to me, I don't believe a word. says:

Now where would you put BF 2042?

Alan Rendon says:

BF1 in VR would actually be horrifying with how immersive it is.

Dreeh says:

I dont aggree with you on battlefield 5 i personaly think its the best battlefield game because of the pacific war game mode

Ma says:

Bro bf5 was such a great game and still is idk why you put it in c tier

Jesus Serrano says:

Hardline was a pretty good game, but as battlefield fans its not what we expected, the should have been call it with other name, but not battlefield

malto says:

Bf3 and 4 hands down the best

Palric says:

Good tier list but BFV is such a beautiful game, has nice gungame, amp alteration due to bombardings etc.. To put garbo like hardline above BFV is a sad choice. Its easy A Tier

Андрей Жабин says:

I remember how I tried to play Battlefield Heroes, when I was a kid! Didn’t passed further than registration though

Randiol says:

Dude im mad af, battlefield 1 its for most the best btf, and you put it in A?, what the fuck, download the game again, and see how much people still playing the game, enjoy the fucking atmosphere of ww1, its the best battlefield ever.

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