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I Built an INSANE NETHER HUB in Hardcore Minecraft! (#10)

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In this video, I finally transform my boring nether portal into an insane nether hub! This is the largest build I’ve done in this world yet, and it turned out amazing! From breaking over 1300 blocks of bedrock, to gathering over a dozen shulker boxes of items, this was a CRAZY project. I hope you enjoy the build, and let me know what you think in the comments!

Watch the Season 2 playlist!: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeQyNz27Ua0k1jq_kLJ1EMeT82L2txII2

World seed: -942173550853038511
My texture pack: https://vanillatweaks.net/share#SCs10A

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This is a Hardcore Minecraft Let’s Play in the 1.19 Wild Update! This video is in a similar genre to many popular Hardcore Series by Minecraft YouTubers like Wadzee, SB737, Fru, Kolanii, NotNotBrock, Rekrap2, sandiction, aCookieGod, LockDownLife, PaulGG, Farzy and others. This video is a Hardcore Survival Challenge, but isn’t a 100 days challenge, or a Minecraft, But challenge. It’s also not I Transformed the Nether Portal in Minecraft Hardcore (#9), I Recreated the ENTIRE END in Minecraft Hardcore, I Built The Most Over The Top Nether Portal In Minecraft Hardcore (E4), How to build a Nether Sword Portal in Minecraft. This also isn’t a video on one of the many popular SMP’s, such as Lifesteal SMP, Dream SMP, Hermitcraft, or Empires SMP.

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Julien Azelart says:

thank you all for watching! and thank you SO much for 300,000 subscribers!! you guys are the best ❤️ which farms should i build in the next episode?

Shantel Bowman says:

love youre videos

Evilswagger says:

Hey dude just saw the video umm actually new here btw i loved the video umm if you dont mind can you plzz give the schematic of the nether hub really struggling to find one on YouTube. I will really appreciate that. You gained a sub. 🙂

PJ says:

Are you continuing this hardcore series?

PJ says:

I love your videos they're so interesting

Snoddas Jensen says:

Shader name???

Schneetatze says:

love that but pls like replace the netherack with sth. else up there at the bedrock

Hase Hase says:

Hello mr sb737 lol 😂, its looking great

Joshua Tecson says:

What mod is d-spawn sphare? Can you please tell me

Jonathon Aulbach says:

Nah this earned a sub

G.J. Lynn says:

I think you talk too fast like just a tiny bit and you don't always do it but I find that in the nether clips your speech slows down just slightly and it's much more enjoyable listening to you. Love the energy and content though

Fury says:


Blue_Phoenix says:

bro this looks awesome i might start minecraft channel bc i finally came back on minecraft maybe after 3 or 4 years and,the reason i keep playing minecraft is roblox boring i really dont like it anymore but i miss minecraft so today or last night i started me a new world and started building amazing things ive never did and i wanna become a famous builder or youtuber minecrafter like u! 🙂 u made my day these vids like urs make me so happy and wanna build thank u so much bro i wont stop making awesome things 🙂 and ive never even gave up in my life,love vids keep it up 😀 im sub to ya now and like

SpiritSamuraii says:

Build the same farm on bedrock ps4 no where near as good


Amazing built🔥

lyn hammond says:

ur nether hub is very similar to notnotbrocks, looks amazing its cool design

Gregory Mcintosh says:

I Love your cats I do not know how you do it

OSB Gamer says:

How did you do that sphere thing

Nintendo b0y 101 says:

Dude I love the series. Your are the most chill MC youtuber. Btw id love to be named after a iron golem

J Onyx says:

creeper farm tutorial?

Kennedytto 01 says:

Amazing video…

Daniel Clayton says:

U are a amazing builder u are a legend 🙌

Nicole Laracuente says:

Build a witch farm and please build it and if you like please think immediately

ZyTheAmazing says:

Love the nether hub! Thank you for putting in the time for these videos! Also, you want to hear a joke? Why don't you nd pigs hiding in trees? Because they cant climb trees! Again love your vids, and could I possibly be named after something? Thx

J Cook says:

I want something to be named after me

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