I Bought a TANK to Defeat Undercover Police!! (Spy Ninjas)

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Last Stephen Sharer vlog you saw “Undercover Police Chase Us!! (What’s in the Mystery Safe?)” well now in today’s vlog, Stephen Sharer is gong in disguise undercover as a Chad Wild Clay spy ninja to defeat the undercover police. Being a CWC spy ninja means you can battle royale and encode hacker proof software like a real spy ninja and find the treasure map that these undercover police are after. Stephen Shar learned his top secret ninja training from Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint when he visited them in Las Vegas. Today The Share the Love team goes undercover in a real tank just like Unspeakable Tank and winning the spy ninja battle royale against the undercover cops. Stephen Sharer and his best friend BFFs get into the spy tank and on to the next hidden clue of the abandoned house mystery adventure. Is Steven Sharer a trained spy ninja? Would CWC Approve of his elite ninja skills?! Thanks to Chad and Vy for inspiring Stephen to be a #SpyNinja

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Stephen Sharer says:

Taking a poll! What size Shirt would you buy?!

Rebekah Hales says:

Guys be quiet you know we can’t find the treasure map I’m totally not speaking as loud as I possibly can it’s not I’m not speaking my regular voice you know it’s not like you people can hear me or anything just like in subscribe and hast tag Mac

LaQuana Nez says:

You guys are selfish and copying the real spy ninja chad wild clay and his crew

Linda Davis says:

Stewart truck

Shemar Mcculluch says:

You are awesome 😎

Cameron Orton says:

i do not know the name but it is for solders to ride in the bake

samantha Reid says:

I love Chad vy Daniel Regina Melvin casey

Ka Paw says:

When Stephen said we have to get all of spy ninja I thought he was going to get chad vy and all of spy ninja

Farida Begum says:

That is sooooo[ooooooooooooooooooooolooooooooo not like the spyninjas they are better fighters gotta have there merch coz they always were there merch got spy ninja logo on

Niko Rosario says:

Garcia's is called a deuce and a half

Eli Moffett says:

Army transfer truck

Jami Hamilton says:

Hi Stephen what’s up

Paul Rhino says:

Its a 4×4 offroad truck

James Palacay says:

Dream !!!!!!!!!

Samantha Bates says:

You can’t steal the name of the spine Inges Stephen

jamesvkey1 says:

Where's Stephanie

Fun with Lucian says:

I am sharer

Agent Ashley says:

Your not the spy ninjas

Chelsea Jones says:


Mikey Migilitu says:

I think you should have a prefesional trainer for you guys will be more better

Ursula Liebenberg says:


Mustafa Aldohuky says:

The * Kickboards* were cardboard

Reilly Vella says:

That blonde dude looks like topper

Linda Berry says:

My Grandson absolutely adores you, he is 4 and a half. He is a real fan!!!!

Sandtrell Smiley says:

You stole Chad Wild Clay name spy ninjas you wrong for that and they even helped you defeat the pond monster


Love you Stephen sharer

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