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Huge iOS 14 Leaks, AirPods Lite, iPhone 13 USB-C & iOS 13.6 Beta 2!

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iOS 14 beta 1 is just 9 days away at WWDC 2020! Latest iOS 14 Leaks, iPhone 12 ‘120Hz’ Update, AirPods Lite, iPad Air 4 & iPhone 13 USB-C design!

Last iPhone 12 & 13 Leaks

Phone Rebel Cases


Max Weinbach (120Hz Update)

Concept Creator (AirPods Lite Modeling)


Ernesto Parada says:

I have placed an order for a phone case on 4/18/20 and received them last week order #6212 but they sent me the wrong size. I had to resend those cases and still no update on my cases. Iโ€™ve emailed and no response. This is horrible !

nitesh adsul says:

Those gains tho๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

Jonathan G says:

You look like the brother in the drake and josh movie

Cosmin Trica says:

Man, nothing about apple WWDC? Are you ok? something happened? Where are you? I'm scared.

Bajwa Lovely says:

I love i phone realy

Jonathan Vivar says:


Parin says:

Him: Ok so the leak
Ad: Pampers

Magic Trick88 says:

There will be a notch for a few more years. It may indeed get smaller but it will stay. Micro led version will be notch less in 2023.

Myles Tech says:

I am running iOS 14 because I am an apple. Developer

enamoring says:

Oh yes everything i waited for 120hz new airpods im glad i didnt buy iphone 11 this year

Glen Charles Rowell says:

Have they fixed the HTML rendering engine in iOS 13.6 yet? The fine lines that show up in Safari when you zoom in are annoying. Why hasn't Apple fixed this yet?

WoshiiAlongKia says:

Bruh at this rate i might as well save up for an iphone 13

miko foin says:

Him: ok so the leak- Ad: Samsung Galaxy s20- Me: stares in galaxy s10+

Demitrius Balevski says:

Now days: iPhone 11 Pro
EverythingApplePro soon: iPhone 16 leaks
People: iPhone 12 didnโ€™t even come out yet!

Paul Orekhov says:

Black airpods, the same airpods, but 50% more expensive, because black lives matter.

Takoyaki SurelyYouWillLoveit says:

Excited for new the iPhone ๐Ÿ“ฑ

Mirza says:


omisha duri says:

And I'm your biggest fan you're the best

Roni Makkonen says:

NO USB-C in iPhones!

MeMo Ra-Sta says:

Whats next, 10 cameras on the back of an iphone?? ๐Ÿ˜
Fucking apple man.
People enjoy to keep getting ripped off.
I still own an iphone 6s and i bet that this the best iphone to be ever made.
Specs & design.
And thats coming from a tech savvy.
And btw. Apple died when Steve jobs died in-terms of innovation. End of story here.

Flower 1234 says:

The cases look sick

Oliver Gomer says:


Lรถuisa Wei says:

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6ixty6ix Gunner says:

Liked and already subbed, i only have an samsung s8 and……. its a samsung

Carlozzz says:

If y'all care about 120 hz so much just get a different phone

Brendan LE says:

The fact EverythingApplePro does not add his own subtitles to his videos is just threatening. ;(

///AMG Lu says:

No in-screen fingerprint sensor no iPhone 12!

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