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How To Play "Between Twilight" by Lindsey Stirling – Violin Tutorial by Kimberly Hope

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Aloha everyone! I loved Lindsey Stirling’s music video for “Between Twilight” so I decided to learn it by ear (because she unfortunately doesn’t have sheet music for it available on her website yet). I hope this tutorial can help you be able to learn this song too, because it’s so peaceful and fun to play! Let me know if these tips, fingerings and bowing help and if you have any questions, ideas for other types of videos you’d like, and requests for other tutorials! Thanks so much for watching! Please like, share, subscribe, and check out the links to my social media below!

BOOKING EMAIL: kimberlyhopemusic@gmail.com
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My name is Kimberly Hope and I play the violin/electric violin. Even though I was classically trained since age 10, I enjoy playing many genres of music (pop, rock, fiddle, oldies, classical, soundtrack, Lindsey Stirling’s dubstep violin music, etc.) and play at all sorts of events professionally (art walks, weddings, festivals, restaurants, parties, etc.). I’m also working on an album of original songs, so stay tuned for that!

I truly believe that music can heal all. Through it, we have the power to transcend all barriers and come together, touching the hearts and souls of everyone. Because of this, performing is something I deeply enjoy, and I hope to spread my love for music to every person that I can, especially through my videos and other social media. So thank you for supporting my dream of connecting and uniting the world through the healing power of music.

I am in love with all things Lindsey Stirling. She has inspired me so much! She makes me want to be the best performer I can be, and I one day hope to be a well-known artist like her.

Lots of Love, Kim

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The Shadow says:

Thank you! I've now subscribed!

Salamon Salamon says:

It's awesome.🙂

John vincent De guzman says:

I can't read your hand in 2:57

John vincent De guzman says:

I really love when you make Lindsey stirling song tutorials

Nidhin David says:

did I hear a 🐥in the background 😅

Kaity Miller says:

Aaww my baby started smiling in his sleep when you started to play!❤🎶🎻Also, question, how would you recommend getting better at using your 4th finger/pinky? Its so hard for me. Your playing is so beautiful as always!! You really inspire me! I'm gonna go play right now😊🎻❤

기구 gigoo says:

I know you filmed this yesterday but today is my birthday 🎂 I’m officially 16!

Amrit Singh says:

Wow what an amazing video. You are helping many others who are learning that's beautiful. I like this video. Even though I don't play but I still get some knowledge your video is helpful to many others.. I really appreciate you doing this.
And also you look amazing. 😉😊
Hope u had a nice day take care.

Vahein Violin says:

Wow…very nicely played

raju kishinchandani says:

You play the violin beautifully. I love this piece between twilight by Lindsey Stirling.
Could you please post the sheet music on your blog

xNimuex says:

Thanks a lot Kimberly, this really helped! What audio did you use to play along? Sounded more like a karaoke verison. Can it be shared? 😊 i am a student and i love this sound and would love to practice with music

arnaud _ btlm says:


Samuel Silva Cover Violin says:

Muito bom!! vc é demais m aravilhosa esta música gostei muito vc é divina kim que técnica boa que vc esta explicando ..Olha Kimberly envie algo pra vc no seu e-mail rsrs da uma confirida la blz!! abraç.. E parabéns pelo seu desenpenho..

Arwensdorf says:

Thank you Kim! I am loving your “Lindsey Stirling series” as I’m calling it. The tutorials are helpful!

Canada Dan says:

Cool tutorial Kim ❤️🇨🇦

Володя Стеців says:

Wonderful performance of amazing music.Thank you Kimberly

Cristian Obo says:

I've been playing for a year and a half … Maybe I hope to study hard for another 2 years to be able to use your advice! thanks😅🙏

Vansh garg says:

I don't play violin. I usually play guitar but I only can play Indian songs on it. But this is very nice and helpful video for violin players. Great!

Pokéfan 1999 says:

Just wow😍😍😍 well played, Lindsey needs to see this!!!!😍

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