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How To Install iOS 14 Developer BETA For FREE Right Now!

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I am not responsible for anything good or bad that may happen to your device by installing this BETA software on your devices. Proceed at your own risk.

***Must use Safari browser!!!***
iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 Developer Beta Profile: http://rodrick.me/ios14beta
***Must use Safari browser!!!***

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Sean Barber says:

FYI I installed iOS 14 on my iphone and didn’t initially update my iPad Pro. I have found certain calling apps that I dial from the iPad using my iphone aren’t functioning 100% as expected (although the calls are still made). Attempting to update to iPadOS 14 beta 2 and see if the quirk resolved once all systems are on the same version again. Other than that not a super fan of the way widgets have been implements although I’m all about moving towards that. The typing bug seems to be gone in beta 2 thank goodness that’s my only complaint so far and this is on my daily driver so I’ll take that as a good sign!

Alex gabriel says:

Dude i love you,….great job…simple and short….well done……

AYHAM : says:

Is that do something to the phone like viruses or hack ?

BidoBean27 says:

Rodrick view i need help my phone is messing up and my card was used can you please help me

Thomas Hinton-Payne says:

What case is that?

Giga Manjavidze says:

i cant download it on iPhone 7 Plus


By doing this it avoid warranty

Kevy Kev says:

Is this safe? As safe as using one directly from Apple I mean

Reyth says:


Adolfo Valerio says:

Fuck u fuck

Krudy Artz says:

My iPhone se 2020 is running iOS 14 beta developer and it's really awesome… I love using the wiget smart stacks and the new Siri make over is sweet

snd_nolxve says:

Rip to your phone that’s not even the public beta your gunna brick your phone if you install this 100%

Nelson Nguyen says:

can i still update the software when a new ios comes out

RED TECH says:

I just restored foot fs on my jailbreak for iOS 13

dolxn. vsp says:


Liel So great says:

This has made my phone act up you need to make a video how to undo it

Chris Linford says:

Fake ass bullshit. The website tells it all. I downloaded it, my phone storage keeps decreasing despite me deleting stuff., can’t find the file so that I can delete it. Fek fek

Josh Rivera says:

Hi, I really want to try it, But the update is coming July? If yes I can wait.

jelicia m says:

i- it didnt work

Therealjuviiie_bhoo says:

My phone wasn’t doing this before I did this

Therealjuviiie_bhoo says:

Why tf is my phone freezing not letting me tap apps and powering off ion like that my phone is messing up this is my main phone.

Revolt Revert says:

For the past 3 days I’ve been getting everyone to watch your vid for iOS 14

Jack says:

Can you get rid of it after?

Cooperstar12 says:

Someone who says “It’s not recommended that you use another device BUT ITS FUN SO LETS DO IT WOOOO” is a real tech reviewer

Noah Boren says:

Yo it says not to download if not apart of Apple so can I or not?

Ix_omq says:

It’s not working. I installed it and it didn’t say restart or anything. So i restarted anyway and it did nothing. It’s just there.

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