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How To Get The Perfect First Date Look : Makeup Tips | Charlotte Tilbury

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Professional makeup artist to the A-list stars, Charlotte Tilbury shows you how to get the First Date look. Follow these easy steps for a naturally flawless complexion, bigger brighter eyes, and full lips.

This look features Charlotte’s brand new Matte Revolution lipstick shade, as chosen by you, called Between The Sheets.

Life Changing Lashes: http://www.charlottetilbury.com/uk/life-changing-lashes-rose-gold.html
Full Fat Lashes: http://www.charlottetilbury.com/uk/full-fat-lashes-glossy-black.html
Filmstar Bronze & Glow: http://www.charlottetilbury.com/uk/filmstar-bronze-and-glow.html
Lip Cheat Pink Venus: http://www.charlottetilbury.com/uk/lip-cheat-pink-venus.html
Matt Revolution Between The Sheets: http://www.charlottetilbury.com/uk/products/makeup/lips/lipstick.html
Cheek To Chic Love Is The Drug: http://www.charlottetilbury.com/uk/cheek-to-chic-love-is-the-drug.html



Hope Ard says:

Oily skin types with large pores??

Call me D says:

She doesn't need a drop of makeup. Perfect skin, lips, eyes etc….This model is beyond stunning. Wish I looked like her.

Dubliana Perin says:

I have hooded eyes and I die every time I see girls like the model, her eyes are so goddamn pretty😍

Emilu Smith says:

3:00 I thought she was going to say "swish and flick" lawl

Janet Steinman says:

Gorgeous! I think this would look great on us 60+ girls.

Terry Shorty says:

Need ideas for a first date? take a look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x-F-SSuscI&t=88s

Chanel A says:

Who's the model, what's her name? She's gorgeous before and after!

Gigi Schorr says:

she looks like Nina dobrev!

dorothy2295 says:

please bring back mesmerizing mink!


omg your bracelet is so beautiful ,where did you get it😍

Raquel Lee says:

Her skin is already perfect😭😭

Lana Ben-David says:

Charlotte, I am obsessed with you!! love your tutorials 💜

Xiaoding Ni says:

OMG!the model is sooo pretty!

Aarika V says:

Very pretty model! Almost looks like Nina Dobrev.

Kathy Byrne says:

GORGEOUS….before and after!!! 💕

Céline Isabelle says:

Didn't wear makeup at all on my first day actually had a little smudged mascara on cause I was rushing from work but we are married now oh well

Lyn Da says:


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