Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


How Sports Got Their Names

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This sketch was originally made for the 2022 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference- big thanks to Daryl Morey!



Anonymous says:

That British accent is spot on

TheNewzbreak says:

In most countries hockey means field hockey and ice hockey, is ice hockey.

LilRub FrSoCal says:

How they get airborne 🤣🤣

TobiTheHuman says:

Gosh, this one was amazing. I am crying

Fredarok says:

Dennis and Alex from the Tool Department probably have great water cooler conversations.

Jonah says:

Won't watch anymore, Harry's razors sux

Zion Zix says:

I almost forgot how funny you are, but then I realized "duuh"

Also, later I thought "heh" and sometime before that one thought that entered my mind was "haha" more than once.


didnt even comment on how american football barely uses feet in relation to the ball smh

Akshay Jumani says:

"You don't have balls."

You almost gave Zachary a heart attack!

These Videos says:

Dennis is my favorite

Ranindu says:

My word this guys is a freaking genius

The Smithersy says:

to be honest, most of the characters should have been British since they invented most sports.

Ewobee says:

Do how instruments got their names

SW Dad says:

One can only wonder what shocked them when they looked up boobies in a universe where everyone looks the same.

Shark Rancher says:

I love British Aaron!!!

C C says:

egg hand ball – 7min of ball in play 4h of commercials

messibessi11 says:

Jokes on you I don’t exist

Eviatar Etzion says:

I really thought there is going to be a joke on table tennis

Xaiano says:

Hand egg is such a great American pass time

Joseph R. says:


Leet_Death says:


Luke Orlowski says:

That British accent was terrible

Ava Stephenson says:

these vids r hilarious XD

relyt durden says:

boobies are confusing.. then when you see the tits and swallows things start making sense. it's when you get to the dickcissel and the rumped bush things make more sense. just don't go near the European shag. you don't know where it's been.

Bada Bing says:

…. it's called basketball because Naismith literally threw a ball into a basket.

SilkiesRBest says:

you forgot about australian foot ball lol


TIL Rugby and Football aren't the same thing

Miguel Freitas says:

Storkey actually sounds pretty good, tbh :p

Puia Lusei says:

"Okay! I don't understand how these get airborne."

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